Friday, July 13, 2007



In Omaha, on vacation, it's allllll good. Going to the Zoo today, Lake tomorrow. I'm sooooo chill'in.


Sunday, July 08, 2007


Week in Rewind

It's been a busy but good week. Here it is in Rewind.

Friday - New shoes purchased from the Runner's Flat. Nike Zoom's, not trail specific but very aggressive tread for a street shoe. They fit like a glove and I can't tell you how beneficial it was to watch myself run on the treadmill. You really see the difference in your foot strike in a particular shoe.

Saturday - 2-1/2 hours on the mountain bike with supa fast running freak Scott Gall. Scott and Sarah have started to focus on tri's, sweet! We found some new single track towards Evansdale, who would have thunk it?

Sunday - 60 min trail run in the Katoski Greenbelt. Good except I ran through some nasty weeds, more on that later. An hour after the run I noticed a flare up of a nagging injury. My heel cup on my right foot was killing me! It was caused from wearing broken down shoes too long, not because of the new ones. I have since been wearing the new shoes 24/7, they are broke in an my heel feels feel 95%. I'll run tomorrow am for 30min to make sure it is ok.

Sunday and Monday - My aunt, uncle, and 3 cousins were in town from Indiana on their way to Canada. Lots of outdoor games and food. Good times.

Tuesday - About 1-1/2 weeks ago I hit some nasty stuff at GW on the bike. My leg had a gross wound on it and it would not heal. I went to urgent care, what a joke! Doctor was prescribing meds before I had told the story or had the bandage off it. I had to tell him to chill and let me speak. He prescribed some steroids and it seems to be clearing up.

Wednesday - 4th of July. Up at 4:30am to head to George Wyth to set up for the 5k. Event went fan-freaking-tastic. 96 runners, best turnout yet for a CVA sponsored event. The CF Jaycees were very happy and want to have the event again next year. After that I headed to Dysart to meet the KT and Ainsley for some food and fireworks.

Thursday-today - Just been working away at the shop and home. Also getting ready for the next CVA event on July 28th. Working on a little project for a friend also, more on that to come.
That's all for me. Congrats to JK for really working hard for a win yesterday in Wisconsin.
Good luck to all that are taking on Cornman today. One of my favorite tri's! Good luck to Carlos at the Clear Lake road race.

Ed out!

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