Thursday, March 31, 2005


Top Secret!!!!

Shhhhhhh, be werry, werry quite....... I have found more off road trails to ride in the cedar valley, may end up with a huge loop somewhere south of Waterloo. Will ride them tomorrow afternoon and report back. Don't let the suspense kill you!!!

Elmer Fudd


Snoop Dog says.....

It's breezey out for shizzle. Lot's of wind today in the cedar valley area after last nights rain. Foiled some training plans but not too bad. Took the Ploder to the glass shop this morning to have the rear window replaced. Good thing insurance is covering that one.
Kerkove informed me the GU products are in for Trans-Iowa, ummmmm GUUUUU. (use your homer simpson voice)
Finished up some minor details on the Trek 11-oh last night, hopefully do my Hudson Crazy Crit workout on it tonight.
Be sure to hit Europa this weekend for all the crazy deals.
Anyone up for early, early Saturday morning ride? Like 6:00am, that way the Europa boys can't use work at 8:00am as an excuse for not riding! My plan is ride the GW trail system, Lookout Park, Euro Crit...... you know just ride around and have some fun!


Wednesday, March 30, 2005



Man, blogger has been kicking me out of the server for over 24 hours, what a pain!
Anyway, rode my bike to work yesterday, loved every minute of it!!! 8.50 miles on the trails. One of my co-workers asked if I wore my power rangers suit....... Some people just don't get it. That's fine. Rode the greenbelt dirt a little on the way home, it's in dry condition but needs to be packed down, oh and there is now a stream crossing because a bridge is out. After all was said and done 20.52 "free" miles.
Katie had the rear window shatter in the Ploder this afternoon. I have no idea how that happened. I have to take it to the glass shop tomorrow, no riding to work (insert tear).
Going to fit a quick brick workout in tonight and hopefully do some weights in the morning.

Ed out!

Monday, March 28, 2005


Sunday Ride... Up, Down, Repeat!

Hill 1
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Here is a little photo journal of my ride from Sunday. What a fantastic day to get out. I headed out for 2:45 and hit a little bit of everything.
Total mileage of 42.52, 15.9mph ave, and an ave HR of 141bpm.
I started out heading west from Hudson on the gravel catching all the rocks and hills I could find, neither were hard to find!! Then found the hardtop that leads to Dike and did the traditional Dike to CF ride coming in by Birdsal Park. Rode through town and then took the trail back home.
I didn't catch the milage that JK and the Jackal did over the weekend but my saddle time felt really, really good. Live to tell about Trans-Iowa and it's on for Tri season. Into the wind on the MTB I was pushing more speed than I did last year on the Tri bike, That's a good sign!
Enjoy the pics and I hope everyone rides to work this week, weather looks great!


Pit Stop

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Ahhhh, Isn't this why we ride. Nothing like stopping for a Clif Bar and looking out over the water. I was just over an hour in at this point, just outside of Dike.



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Does this mean swimming is a bad idea??


Almost home

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Almost done with the ride here at Paw Park. About 11 miles from home. This was the highlight of the day when I saw 2 guys on matching yellow and white Trek's. Both wearing tan shorts and yellow polo's, sans-brain buckets. Can you say..................

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Quick and dirty....

I'm talking about my workout fooos!! On the trainer for an hour last night doing some short interval work. 20 warm up then 7x2 min intervals with a 1 minute rest followed up by 20 min of recovery. Got the heart rate up above 160bpm. Yea!! I'm still working on pushing that max heart rate up up and away. With my new schedule, or lack of schedule, I'm aiming for quality training, not a lot of time for quantity. We'll have to see how that pans out for Trans-Iowa, I can already feel the pain.
My race schedule will also be changing due to the training time that now looks to be available.
Everyone said a child changes everything and they were right. Overnight your world changes, for the better, it just takes some adjustment time. I wouldn't trade her for the world!!
Also, it looks like half the single people I know are getting married and they are doing it on race days, that is so selfish ; - ) So, no Xterra this year (sorry Dirtram) and no 1/2 Ironman. Sprint distance only. I should have a fair amount of time to train for Sprint and be competitive. I'm looking for top 4 age group at every event.
Props to the Iowa Triathlon Team for hosting a race this year. It will be a sprint distance tri in Coralville on September 18th. I will be there!! Next step is off road tri at Sugar Bottom, hint hint.
That's enough for now, better get some work done.

Monday, March 21, 2005


Weekend full of riding!

I had a pretty good weeked. Rode the trainer on Saturday for 1.5 hours before my fatherly duties took over, but that's cool. Sunday was a nice mild calm day so I rode the gravel to my in-laws in Dysart. 31.28miles.... and the last 4 were OUCH!!! If anyone is reading this and doing Trans-Iowa listen up.
Rule #1 - If you have Full suspension RIDE IT!!! (Carlos)

Rule #2 - I know you have heard this but expect anything.
In just my little 30 mile ride I had 8mph climbs followed by 28mph downhills. Smooth rolling gravel, Level B crap dirt, washboards, and the last 4 miles were freshly graded rock. NO lines to be had. I was shaken to the core, legs on fire at only 10mph. I wanted to cry, ok not really but it hurt.
So, Trans-Iowa will be a hell of a ride.
Tip of the day = Rolling pin!! Yes, the perfect little message tool located in you kitchen. Roll that baby up and down those hurting quads and you'll be like new come morning!

Ed out!

Friday, March 18, 2005


Why ya gotta be that way???

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I'll let this be a product review of sorts. For the past two years I have been trying to find that solid food I could eat while riding the bike. Cliff bars are my favorite and far better tasting than Power Bars. However, I still had a hard time eating them while riding. I have had an eye on the Luna bar for some time but always passed because it is "women specific." Well, this week I finally said, "the hell with it" and bought some Lemonzest Luna bars. Damn it Cliff, why you holding the good stuff for the chicks!!!! These things taste awsome! I have decided to suck it up and yes, eat women specific food. I just hope I don't start to be more sensitive and grow man boobs!

Ed out!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Profile Tri Stryke Saddle

Profile Tri Stryke Saddle
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Ahhhhh,this would go well with my Carbon Stryke's!! Not bad at $75 either.


Calling Dirtram.....

terry fly
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Cray - Does Chad ride the orginal Terry Fly or the new Terry Fly Tri?

Selle San Marco has a saddle that looks like it has a gel filled condom on the nose.

Any other good saddles that don't say "Triathlon Specific" on them.

Even though I have a daughter, my current
saddle is trying to make her an only child.

Ed out!

Monday, March 14, 2005


Early morning sweat fest

Well, suprisingly I have been able to stay on an early morning workout schedule. Anisley likes to get up around 5:00ish to chow down, which works out great for me. I do notice it is hard to get a good spin going at 5:00am after only 4-5 hours of sleep. It is good training for the late hours of Trans-Iowa though. Today was some quality interval training. I was going to watch the OLN coverage of Paris-Nice I taped from yesterday but, the VCR didn't like the tape. So, I watched ESPN and now I know all I need to know about the NCAA tournament. I will be able to sweep every office pool and make thousands!!
The training went well, 15min warm up followed by 15 sets of 2 minute intervals with 1 minute rests. I broke the 15 intervals into 3 sets of 5. Set 1 was medium pace (85-90rpm) at a hard gear. Set 2 was slow pace (60-70rpm) at a really hard gear... super slow grind. Set 3 was fast pace (98+rpm) in a gear 2 easier than the medium pace. Then finished with 12 min of recovery.
About 72 minutes in the saddle. Ave heart rate of 133bpm with a peak of 152bpm.

Hope everyone has a good day.

Ed out!

Sunday, March 13, 2005


Big yawn

Big yawn
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It's hard working being a baby...I'm tired.


Mom Dad and Baby

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Ok, I finally figured out this pic upload thing. And of course, it's really easy. So, yes I'm going to post a ton of pictures.
Here is the new family.
Don't you just love hospital pictures!


Baby Ainsley

Baby Ainsley
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Here she is!!!
Sooooo Cute!
Hard to believe she's mine.

Friday, March 11, 2005


Baby is here!!!!!!!!!

Just here to say the baby is here. Ainsley Mae Slade. ( I tried for Lil' Dirtram) Born 3-7-05 at 1:14pm. 8lbs 4oz. 21 inches long. Currently working out a contract with Zoot, Slingshot and Hammer Gel. Hehe.
I'll get some pics uploaded tonight and post them. Sorry for the delay, I will resume regular posting again.

Sunday, March 06, 2005


Good weather = Good ride

Well the good news is it was over 65 degrees today. The bad news it was windy as heck.
Started with a 60 minute ride on the trainer to get warmed up. Then went riding in the Hudson and Waterloo area. 20 miles of riding in 100 minutes. Not too impressive but I pushed a lot of wind. I also mixed in two 15 minute trail runs for a total work out time of 3 hours 10 minutes.
Ave heart rate at 142 bpm. It was a good time and sooooo nice to get outside. Not me mention I was pretty muddy which always makes a guy smile.

To change gears, no baby yet but Katie has had pretty regular contractions all afternoon. Wouldn't suprise me if we go to the hospital in the 24 hours! Yea!!!

That's all for now.

Ed out


Time to Ride

Sweet, I'm pumped up. Not only did I get to suffer outside with the Jackal on Friday, I get to ride outside again today!!! Yea! I played this one pretty smooth, we were at Family Video last night getting some flicks and they were due back in 24 hours. I, being the awsome husband I am, said,"honey, I'll take the movies back tomorrow for you and just make it my bike ride."
She said, "Great." 3+ hours to the video store and back........sounds like a good time.
I'll do a ride report later.
Enjoy the day.
Ed out.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Other Duties...

Well, this mornings workout was foiled by a drunken bastard. Can't give too many details but, the pager went off at 4:45am for a 1050 personal injury. Head on collision, a drunk guy crossed the center line at over 50mph, hit another car head on, and then drove off. Cops caught him, hope he gets a major fine and can be bubba's bitch for a few weeks. Kids, DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!
So, no training details. I do have a question in regards to heart rates. Mine seems low, is that good or bad?
Example. Road ride at 20mph my HR will be around 130-140bpm. Yet my riding partner may be around 155-160bpm. And we would both have the same preceived rate of exertion. What' up with that?
During a race I know I'm in trouble around 165-170bpm. Seems like many people train hard well above that number.
Am I not pushing hard enough?? Right now I'll drop at 175bpm. Is this something I need to work on? Being able to push longer at a higher heart rate?

Here are a couple of links my Triathlete ragein' cousin sent me for audio during training.
Endurance Radio

Active Radio

Ed out!

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