Thursday, October 28, 2004


Looking Towards the Future

The '04 season is done, and my rest period is over. As I road on the trainer the other night I noticed my mind was wondering what events I would do in the future and a little smile came across my face(I can't wait to tear-it-up next year). So, here are my thought's...........

X-terra Off Road Tri - Damn this looks like fun and Afton Alps is pretty close. This also means I must put gears on the MTB. (frown)

Pigman Sprint - I now know the course and it's a fun early season race.

Compete in two 1/2 IM distance races in one season.... I've got to figure out this long distance stuff.

Adventure Race!!!!!!!! - Oh hell yea....... I know Dirtram is jones'in to do one and I'd bet you wouldn't have to twist Jackal's arm too hard.

The guys weekend - I've wanted to do this for 2 years now, get the guys together at a location where we can camp and train for long hours during a weekend. Any thoughts on location?? Sugar Bottom, Decorah, Volga, heck.... Even GW.

Boy Scout MTB Race - Fun course, I've only ridden half of it but everyone says it's great.

Start up Cedar Valley Multisport - Basically an informational website, have weekly training rides and runs....... Also launch the Cedar Valley Trail Run Series - Like a 4 race series that hits the dirt here in the area. (dirt and grass = happy feet :) Cement = doctor visits!! I know this will take up major time, so we'll see how it goes.

The weekend double - This is probably the one thing I missed the most. 2 events in a day or weekend. LaCrosse Du followed by Decorah MTB. OR Same day Iowa games Tri and MTB race in the afternoon. It's an ass kicking but your always smiling when it's done.

Local 5k's - During the summer there is a 5k almost every weekend within 20miles. These make for great brick training... Ride to the 5k, Run, and ride home.

Volunteer - I volunteered for the first time this year and it was fun, you pick up a lot watching other people.

Try out new races - Maybe I'll break away from the Heart of America Series this year.. They are all good races but there's more out there.

Ironman - 2006 is the goal for Ironman Wisconsin. At $400 I should start saving my pennies now!

Lifetime Triathlon in Minneapolis - Whether I race or watch I want to go, to have pro athletes within a 3 hour drive I have to take advantage of that.

Run a marathon - Probably Des Moines in the fall after Tri season is done. If I'm going to do Iron Man I better be able to run the 26.2

That's all I can think of right now, my "want to's" grow weekly. And I can't forget I'll be a new papa come March. That will slow things down a bit!

Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Question of the day......

Today's Poll question. As we get closer and closer to election day I think we should warm up the brain cells by answering a question that is way more important the who the next dictator, oops I mean president, should be.

Do you make your Mac and Cheese with Milk as recommended? Or go Sans Udder Juice??
Is there really a difference in taste??

Monday, October 25, 2004


OUCH!!! That Hurts! Why did I do that??

This morning that is exactly what I said as I rolled out of bed. My last race was a 1/2 Iron Man in mid August and I have done very, very little since. I really crashed during the 1/2 (a story for later) and I think that was my body saying to take some time off. Well, yesterday was the end off "off" and today equals the begining of Pain. I did a light weight lifting routine and ran 1.5miles yesterday morning before church. It felt really good while I was doing it (oops, that sounds like the start of a "how my wife got pregnate" story) nevermind...... As of now I'm thinking of writing the makers of Advil to see if they have a product that will re-attach my ass to my hamstrings. It will get better, it always does....... Tonight I will do a light spin for about 45min to help the blood flow.

That's all for now.

Friday, October 22, 2004


When I decided to "Tri"

Today I thought I would give a little background on my first triathlon. Experence is everything in triathlon so throughout my blogs I hope to share some of the good and bad lessons learned.

Early July 2002 - Just hanging around the local bike shop, Europa Cycle and Ski, talking about the upcoming Iowa Games. The Iowa Games are a Summer (and Winter) sports festival that allows people to compete in outdooor events ranging from road running to Archery. We were talking about who was planning on making the trip to Ames for the MTB race. The Jackal, Russian Rocket, Jason, Brent, and Dirtram were all in. I figured I would compete also (it's always more fun at an event with a group) then Dirtram said he was doing the Triathlon in the morning......................... Huh???? I don't get it..... Your a Triathlete??? They have those in Iowa? ( He said, "yea, all the time". Ok, a new perspective challenge, I was intreagued. And that started, as Dirtram will tell you, a million questions that still continue today. I decided to try a tri. I sent in the entry fee and it was official, I was going to compete in triathlon. Most people going into their first Tri have read a book or magazine's on what to expect. They also "TRAIN" for the event for a few months or even a year. Not me, I had two weeks. I was stil trying to figure out how to swim in my bike shorts and then ride my bike with them all wet, GROSS!! The bike wasn't a big deal, and I had been running a couple times a week, and the swim didn't have me too worried.

Race Day!!! I was a little nervous about going by myself so I recruited my sister too keep me company. This race is a little different because T1 and T2 are not in the same place, so after checking in and having black marker placed all over my body we set up both transitions and headed for the water and the start of the 500m swim. I met up with Dirtram for some last minute advise and then into the water. Mass start, wow!!!!! 200+ people all starting at once. I stayed towards the back and let the more skilled swimmers go....................... about 5 min and 150 meters later I was hanging onto a milk jug and gasping for air. Seriously, I was scared. I waited for almost everyone to pass me and then finished the swim doing the back stroke and trying to calm down. I was 3rd to last out of the water.... but I was out and headed to my security blanket, my bike.

The bike went well, I was in my comfort zone and starting picking other athletes off one by one. I guess the good thing about almost being last out of the water is you can only go up, so the bike was pretty good. I got off the bike, laced up the running shoes, downed a gel and I was off...... For about a 1/4 mile and then my legs went into "are you freaking kidding me" mode. Cramp city man, I had to really back off and struggled for the next mile and a half. After that I found a tolarable pace and finished the 5k. Total time was 1hr 22min and some change. I was tired, hungry, done, and hooked!!

Sunday, October 17, 2004


Lance and Ironman??

Ok, I know, I know, Lance is everwhere. He's on TV, he's in the papers, all over the internet, and now in Triathlete Magazine. This month Triathlete Magazine did an article "Can Lance Win Ironman" Not this year, congrats to Normann Stadler and Nina Kraft on their Kona victories.
Back to the article. This was an upclose by one of Lance's old triathlete buddies (Lance started as a tri geek before he was a pro cyclest) Dan Empfield founder of QR. The basics of the article are things most of us that follow cycling know, Lance is a great person, he is hands on, and very passionate about all that he does. On Ironman......... Never, huh???? Come on Lance, never....... Ok, was he really said," To prepare for a good competitive Ironman...never" But, he did say,"when you get to be 50, do you look for a different challenge physically and say, Shit, I never did it. I'd love to do it, I'll give it a shot". Yea..... Let's see, if lance is fifty I'll be in my early 40's. That gives me 16 or 17 years to train and compete in an event with Lance Armstrong.... How cool would that be!!!!

Jeff Kerkove...... Hold your head high man, you had a killer season and only have better things to come.

Later ya'll,
I'll try to post a litter more often, that thing called life get's a little busy sometimes!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2004


Yummmm Yogurt

What a awsome weekend here in the cedar valley!! Yesterday was a bust for training, had to work on the house no big deal, but today I got out for a 40 min trial run. Went to one of my favorite places to run, Greenbelt lake. The lake has about a .8 mile trial around it and it ties right in to the other trails in the Greenbelt system. Totals for the day....7 min warm up, 26min at 70% race pace, and 9min cool down, legs and lungs feel great, and the best part...... Eating for recovery. Today choice, YOGURT!! I love yogurt, especially with blue berries and grapenuts, yummmmm. Well, that's all for now, Good luck to Jeff Kerkove in Moab. Also, does anyone know where I can buy those yellow friendship braclets??

Next post will be a review of "Can Lance with Ironman?" article from Triathlete Magazine.

Friday, October 08, 2004


Intro to me

Hello all, just wanted to start with a little intro of me and then get into the posting fun.
Jeff Slade, age group triathlete, just completed my third year of competition.
I work, and work, and work. I'm married with a dog and my first baby on the way.
I'm doing this to hopefully share some experences with other triathletes and multisporters.
I'll post some to do and not to do's. Training ideas and logs. I'll also have some friends who are great athletes cross post. Hopefully it will be a great forum for people to share information, the one thing about endurance sports is there is always something new to learn. We'll that's it for now. I'll post again soon.

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