Wednesday, June 29, 2005



That is the only way to describe my sweat fest workout last night. Didn't get started till after 9:00 and I didn't feel like hooking up lights on the bike so I set up the trainer in the garage. "Why the garage?" Katie asked me. Well, it just didn't seem right to train in the AC and race in the heat, and boy was it hot. Within 10 minutes the floor under the bike as damp and after 45 minutes I had created a small pond, Nasty! Note to all riders, WIPE DOWN YOUR BIKE after a session like this. I have seen bikes at the shop with headsets that are rusted out from the salt in your sweat. After the spin I headed outside for a 1 mile run around the nieghborhood. First half mile fast and the second as a cool down. I have been working on running hard right after the bike hoping that my legs will settle in earlier on the run during a race.
Not too much else going on. Everyone do an anti-race dance today, the rivers and creeks need some time to go down.

ED Out!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Gravel Grinding and Pavement Pounding

is what we will be riding and running on for about a month. ALL dirt trails in the Cedar Valley are trashed. Drove through the South Greenbelt and it is long gone. There is even water in the parking lots, and I've never seen that. Hopefully upper Hartmen is drained out for some off road trail running. Oh yea, did mention it has been raining for the last 5 days ;-)

Monday, June 27, 2005


"The Project"

Was a Pool
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Things like this are not good for training. Some of you may remember that my house came with a pool, now the pool is gone. Why???? The liner was torn and the replacement cost was a little too much for the amount of time we actually used it. This is the damage I did this weekend with some help here and there. Soon it will be over and plush green grass in its place.

As for training, it's two weeks till Cornman and time to really focus. I will be very consistant up to the race and ready to beat down the hill of death.


New hoops

New hoops
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Yea baby! Best part of coming back from New York was the gift at my front door. My new wheels via the one and only Dirtram! What a swell guy. American Classic hubs strung to Sun Venus rims......feel the speed!
Thanks Clay!!!


Butt Rub

Butt Rub
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'nuff said!

Thanks Dirty Dirtram, oh Ainsley likes it too!


Mini Vacation

The Falls
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June 20-22 Katie had to go to New York for some training so I tagged along and we went to Canada and also to Niagara Falls. Pretty cool, but not as "wonderful" and everyone makes it sound.


The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire!

Garage / Car Fire
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Well, here is what's left from a garage fire we responded to at 1:30am on June 18th. Front end of the car is toast and part of the house was also on fire. This one got the heart rate going as the garage was fully envolved when we arrived. I got to do a little of everything including running the hose and going into the house to locate the fire with a thermal image camera, very cool!

Thursday, June 23, 2005


Still Alive

Just a quick check in. I will post details later today. I have had a busy 10 days including training, fighting a garage/house/car fire, a trip to Niagara Falls, new wheels for the Slingshot, and Monkey Butt powder via Dirtram.

Stay tuned.


Saturday, June 11, 2005


How do you recover?

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I enjoy a BIG smoothie! Here is my most common mix. Why do I need a big smoothie this morning? Because I had my ass kicked by Jeff Kerkove and Lookout hill. 12 reps on the bike and 4 reps on the run, plus a trip on the Dirty Dirtram Euro Crit run course. OUCH! JK busted out at least 20 reps, he's the man!
This hill workout is just one of many I will complete in preperation for my Next Tri. Cornman Tri in Gladbrook Iowa. Last year I was rockin' out in 2nd place till the hill of death hit on the run and WHAM, I was shot back to a 5th place finish. Not this time kids, Hill of Death - You're mine!

ED Out!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


2005 Pigman Sprint in the Books

2005 pigman sprint 004
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Sorry for the delay on the race report. The 2005 Pigman Sprint is done. I didn't hit my time goal for the race but I am happy with my finishing time and the race overall. Saturday night had me wondering if we would even race as it rained cats and dogs and the wind blew through Iowa, but come 4:30am wake up all was clear. I was at the race about 6:10, unloaded, checked in, set up transition and went for a little run. My legs felt pretty spunky so I was ready to roll. Got the wet suit on and headed to the water for some swimming in the 69 degree water. (69 degrees my ass! Maybe 66) A little after 8:00 my swim wave was off. It was normal kick, grab, bite, and scrap for a good lane. This usually calms down after about 150 meters, but not today! There were about 8 of us that seemed to swim in the same group the whole race so I never got real comfortable on the swim. Out of the water for the 1/4 mile run to T1. Katie later informed me that someone ralfed right where we were running, nice!
T1 went well and I was off to battle the wind on the bike. The wind was at our face into Palo but it wasn't too bad and I was feeling good, passing people and only getting passed once by someone in my class. After the loop through town we had the wind at our back and it was time to fly. Big ring and hauling ass till the next turn back into the wind and up a hill, OUCH! I could see everyone struggling, I just kept spinning and hammered it out till T2.
Off on the run where it just took too long for me to settle in, I didn't feel good till the 1.5 mile mark. I didn't have any leg pain or cramps (YEA!)it just took that long for the legs to adjust. Finished the race 1 minute faster than last year and in harder conditions. I was 11 out of 42 in my class and top 20% in overall results, both improvements from last year.
On the plus side - I feel really good, no leg pain, shoulders are a little sore.
Fueling was right on! No bonk, no lack of energy and no stomach pain.
Bike felt great, nice and smooth.
Transitions when just as planned, very happy.
I'm on the right track and I have 5 weeks to get ready for the hilly course at Cornman. I been taking bricks out of the wall, now it's time to bust it down! Expect to see me doing several hill repeats at Lookout Park over the next few weeks.
Thanks for checking in everyone!


Kelly on the Run

Kelly on the Run
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Here's my cousin Kelly on his way a PR for this course and a top 10 finish a very competitive age group. NICE JOB CUZ!



Jeff and Brent
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Brent and I hanging out waiting for our swim wave

Friday, June 03, 2005


flying monkey

flying monkey
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Ahhhhhhh, the Monkey is chasing me, Run, run, run!


T minus 48 hours.

Whooo-Hooo. Let's race man! Yes, I'm very excited about Sunday's race. I really feel prepared for this race and I can't wait to see how low I can go. Everything is set, no last minute changes on the bike, clothing, shoes, or fuel. Everything is dialed in and ready to rock.
This will be my 3 time on this course so I feel I have a good game plan for the race. Here is the plan.
Swim = nice and steady 8:00-8:30 range.
Sprint to T1 while removing the wetsuit- NO jogging!!!!!! (time saver)
Helmet, race #, and shoes on - NO Socks (time saver) And out on the bike. Attack the hills and stay smooth on the flats turning a big gear at a low cadence. Pretend that every rider ahead of you is in your age class and you must destroy them.
T2 - have my feet out of the shoes, sprint into T2, Helmet off, running shoes on and gone!
Run like I'm being chased by a flying monkey from the Wizard of Oz.
Done - 1:17:00 or less and I'll be happy.

Last night I had a nice workout consisting of 40min of turning a big gear on the bike and then a 10 minute run, legs and lungs felt fantastic. Right now I'm stuffing my face with some veggie low mein and tonight I have a massage, oooooooh that will feel good. Saturday will be a light spin and easy run before Sunday. JY will be racing in Swisher Sunday AM, maybe after the Tri I can check that out. TTFN


Wednesday, June 01, 2005


"I was running" Forest Gump

That was me last night, although I didn't make it across the country. Tempo run last night at about 85% of my max RPE. No HRM, I just wanted to get out and go, you have to do that sometimes without the little alarm saying your over your heart rate. Legs felt awesome during the run and are just a tad sore today, nothing a spin on the bike won't work out, which is right where I want to be. Tonight is 45 min on the bike and about 10 minutes easy run. Weather has been great for 9:30pm workouts (you take it when you can). That's all for today's update.

Forest OUT!

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