Monday, August 22, 2005


Quick Post...

Ok, I couldn't take it any more, I just got back from a run. I know, I should be taking it easy but it's killing me. It was like taking away my "Ed" time. Time just for me to decompress and enjoy the outdoors. I jogged to the fire station to lift and then I took a longer jog back home. Right ankle is 95%, left achilies pain was less thanks to rest and some bio-freeze. Hey, the make the stuff to be used, right! I'm now reading other blog's and typing mine. I'm also drinking some Powerbar performance recovery drink. I don't like it that well. It mixes like my grandparents fiber shake and looks like urine that has sat in a toliet for a day or so. If you ever lived in dorm you know what I'm talking about. Speaking of dorms classes at UNI started today. All cyclists and runners should beware of drunk college kids driving on the streets and sidewalks. Dirt trails are the only safe haven unless someone is out cooking meth, but that could happen anytime of year.
On a more positive note it sounds like everyone had a swell time at the Trek show. 29'ers seem to be all the rage which makes Mr. Ted happy. Juels has a blogsite, I would link it but it was a little to disturbing, with the monkeys and all. Kelly shaved 12 min off his 1/2IM at the Pigman, 5hours 37 min. Well done!!!!
Ok, Ed out

Sunday, August 21, 2005


Snap, Crackel, Pop.....

Asphalt!!!! What, you thought I was talking about the guys on a cereal box? What would that have to do with bike riding? You know when the little repair strips of asphalt get hot and bubble, then you ride over them and the pop! I know, it's the little things that get me. The best things was I was on my bike today for almost 2 hours to enjoy the little snaps of fun. I had to go to the office to do some work so I rode in and then took the long way home via Waterloo and Orange. It felt really good to get out and ride. The only negitive was the idiots on the trails taking up the entire trail on turns and not wearing helmets. I almost nailed someone twice.

Went to Wedding Crashers last night with Katie. It was pretty funny and it was nice to get out with the wife. Ainsley is cutting her first tooth, man she is growing up fast. My buddy Bradon and I went to LPC to get some things from my grandparents house. They moved and are unloading some things. They have stuff in their attic with dirt on it older than me! I did run across a ration book from WWII that was issued to my Great Grandfather. That was super cool and I can't imagine what it must have been like during that time.
What else..... my fill dirt was delivered to fill up the pool so I played with the skid loader and got that moved, still need more. AGHHHH!!!
I'm jealous all my riding buddies are hanging out at the Trek show, lucky ducks! Hope you come back with cool stuff and lots to talk about.

Ok, better get some sleep so I can lift tomorrow AM.
Ed out!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005



Anyone still out there? I'm still alive but just barely. Busy just doesn't describe what's been going on for the past two months. Something had to give and it has been training and triathlons for the rest of the year. Yes it really sucks but after spraining my right ankle and most likely having achilles tendonitis in my left leg I think a break is a good idea. I can still swim and bike without pain when I have to time to do them. Running is totally out of the question. So, no training or race adventures to speak of, sorry.
Life other than Tri's - I've been running (not really) into Rob Houlihan at my building lately as he has been working here, that's cool. Work is just crazy nuts and taking up a ton of my time. The shop is doing great but that also means more of my time there. Ainsley is getting sooooo big and she is such a sweetie. Always smiling, playing, or eating. She is such a good baby. I've been working away on home projects. Last weekend we did tile in the laundry room and yesterday fill dirt came for the pool, I'll be moving that around this weekend. Need to work on the camper soon and have it ready for fire convention, that will be a good time. Katie has also been super busy at work and taking care of Anisley since I'm never home. She's been really good about all of it.
That's all for now, I'll post as new and somewhat interesting things come up.
Ed Out!

Sunday, August 07, 2005


3 hours in 30 minutes

Headed off on the Rockhopper tonight for some trail, gravel, and dirt. Plan was to get out for about 3 hours and see how the ankle was doing. Ankle was fine and I was riding through the Greenbelt and bang, I smoked my chain. Lost a pin and really tore up the link. Then all the flying creatures in the area sent out there little code. I goes something like buzzzzz, buz, buz, buz, buzzzzz, buzzzzzzzzz, buzz. Translate that to supper at 8 o'clock moving at less than 3mph. If I don't have West Nile now, I'll never get it. Katie was a peach and picked me up and took me home.....ride over. On a good note the ankle is healing well, swimming and cycling are pain free. I may jog for 10 minutes or so tomorrow morning, I don't want to push it and still be injured for the Tri-Hawks race.
On other notes, Pigman Sprint got some press time in this months Triathlete Mag. Nice little write up and a couple of pics. Well, better get some sleep for tomorrow AM's workout.

ED out!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Choose your x-training carefully.

Ok, so it looks like I'm on weekly updates which sucks. I'm just too damn busy right now! So, I've been getting in my workouts for the most part and Sunday I had the itch to play some basketball. Luky for me a group plays Sunday night's in Hudson so I checked it out. Played like 6 games in a row, feeling great and playing well when it happened. I did my best Shaq Daddy "get that shit outta here" impression and twisted my ankle when I landed. How you can twist an ankle when you can only jump three quarters of an inch I'll never know. I hobbled home and have been using ice and pain killers and it is healing. I may try to ride a little bit tomorrow as it is feeling pretty good now.
With this little injury I think I'm going to skip the Cyclone Tri and do the Tri-Hawks in September. I also want to do the adventure tri at the boy scout camp if that comes to life. Any news on that one Carlos??
I ran into Mr. Rob Houlihan last week, have not talked to him for quite a while. He was racing last weekend on a 4 man team at 9 mile, wonder how he did?? Speaking of racing in the land of cheese, good luck to the one and only Dirty Dirtram at the Xterra Championships this weekend.
Lot's of good luck also going out to my cusin Kelly who will be leaving for Colorado soon for a little 1/2 IM action. That's all for now, time to catch some sleep and do it all again tomorrow.


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