Friday, April 13, 2007


On my mind

Not Georgia, but the following.

18:23 - That's the time Scott Gall did the Ulrich Park 5k in. It's now a goal of mine.

With that said training is well, ummm, huh, yea........more like working out, maybe.

New toys and old ones fixed. I'm still digging my Serfas shades. I had to send in my HRM for battery replacement. That cost $15 plus freight both ways, WTF! I purchased a Cateye wireless cycle-computer 2 weeks ago, I love wireless!

Looks like I will be adding a snowshoe race to the '08 CVA schedule. An aquathon may also be in the mix. I know Blue, YOU DON'T SWIM!

Holy Iowa Triathlons Batman! Looks like there is a surge in events again. We saw this 5-7 years ago and several didn't make it. Hopefully that is not the case again.

Here are some events I am looking at doing next year. I'm putting a personal "not gonna do it" on USA Triathlon sanctioned events with $75 entry fees for shitty cotton t-shirt and 80 minutes of pain. That's almost a dollar per minute. Stupid!
Tri Rudd
Cy-Man Tri Gotta go lay down the Panther Purple, yo!
Dog Days Tri
Hartman Eco-Tri
Twin Lakes Tri in Manson, Ia
So that's an average of a $37 entry fee per race. Not that I'm trying to be a tight ass but come on. Does a race really need to cost $55-$75? And besides I've never done any of these races.

Looks like I may have a product or two headed to Vegas this fall for the interbike show. How cool would that be!

Registration is open for the Up Side Down DU. Team up or fly solo, just get out and do it!

Clean up next weekend at Camp Ingawanis. Contact the Jackal with questions.

So the snow is gone........again! It better be for good this time. Get out this weekend an be active yo!

Sunday, April 08, 2007


Ulrich Park

Wow, sorry for the lack of posting over the last 2 weeks. The Ulrich Park 5k Adventure Run took over everything else. It is now done and everything went off without a problem. Huge thanks goes out to my friends and family for helping with the event. You guys made everything super easy and worry free for me. Also huge thanks to all the sponsors for their support and awesome donations to the gifts and awards. Here are some random links related to the race.

Cedar Valley Adventure
Cedar Valley Adventure Blog
The Runner's Flat
Bike Tech
Johnson Chiropractic
Snap Fitness
Jeff Kerkove and Kerkove Media
Gateway Endurance Training
Fox River Socks
Ink in the Local Paper Mt. Bidwell and Deerslayer got their photo on.

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