Saturday, July 15, 2006


Short Version

Here is a super quick re-cap from todays race. Details on every leg coming later. Buchanandale should have some good pics for me. Anyway, the heat got to me today which was dissapointing cause I thought I had that figured out. I have no idea how I placed as times from this event are always posted slow. In 2003 I did the race in 1:10:29, today was around 1:13:30. 3 minutes slower and it was all lost on the run due to leg cramps. Based off my "normal" run splits I would have been low 1:09's. I can deal with that, I'm showing improvement if my bad days are not as bad as the once were. Full recaps with pics to come later.

Stay cool,

Ed out!

Friday, July 14, 2006



Buchanandale just called me to let me know the MTB race tomorrow is postponed. WTF?????? I understand they got nailed last night with rain and crazy wind. There are trees down and the course is littered with debris. Soooooo, you get your promoters together and you call friends, and you go clean it up. Just my thoughts, maybe they tried and it didn't work out, I don't know.

So, regroup for tomorrow. Redline the tri and leave it all on the road. I can do that. Buchanandale and Cheese Queen are going to be very gracious and roll with me at 5:00am tomorrow morning. Thanks guys!!!!
Race report tomorrow afternoon.

Ed out!

Thursday, July 13, 2006



Random on, GO!!

Kerkove's tan lines scare me!

All you locals listen up!!! The Waterloo YMCA is starting a Tri training/club type of program. They sent an instructor to Chicago to learn the in's and out's to coach this club. So if you want to get your tri on contact the Y and get details.

Anyone that wants the Standard Twin Six jersey for a killer $35.00 let me know. I'll take cash, check, paypal, or your first born child.

I nicked my thumb in a drill press Monday at the shop, OUCH! My only hope is that I have picked up some areo-dynamic advantage for this weekend.

The tour is freaking crazy this year, I think it is more fun to watch now than when Lance was racing. Speaking of Lance, he will be in Iowa riding RAGBRAI on the 27th. I hope he brings a group of 20 people to ride around him so some crazy drunk doesn't take him out.

This weekend, hot as hell is expected for Saturday. Anti Monkey Butt powder will be in use. Buchanandale and I will have to load up on Elete for all the good racing. Still not sure if Juels and Monkeytron will be joining us???

I have a blister on my left heel from last weekend. The risk you run going sockless, but transtions are faster. Faster = better!

Speaking of last weekend props go out to local tri guys Rex Reed and Kasey Schmitt.
Rex scored 3rd in the 20-24 age group and Kasey was 2nd ahead of me in the 25-29.
Nice job fellas.

Splits are up from last weekend. Swim was 43rd overall (not bad) Bike was 75th (not good) and run was 35th (damn, that's suprising). I know the swim can improve, the bike HAS to improve, and the run has been getting better all year.

I have done nothing all week as far as training, shop is way too busy. Plan to spin and run tonight. I need to see how that blister feels and see what I need to do to protect it. Friday am swim and racing Saturday!

Random off

Ed out!

Sunday, July 09, 2006


Cornman Tri yields 3rd place age group

Fantastic morning to roll to Gladbrook, Ia and hit my first triathlon of the season; the Cornman Sprint Triathlon. 500 yard swim in a really nice lake, cycling 14 miles of rolling Iowa country side, and a 5k run that included the Hill of Death. I woke up around 5:45 and stuck to my usual routine. Bagel with PB and J, Eggs, banana, coffee, and about 24 oz of water mixed with elete. On the road headed south with the Slingshot aboard about 6:30. Hit the race site about 7:20, picked up my packet, found a spot in the transition area and got ready.

Warmup included 4 miles of cycling, 1/2 mile of running, and 200 yards of swimming. I was feeling good and ready to go. I was in the second swim wave so at 9:04 I hit the water. Just did my best to aim for the turn-around and stay steady. It was going well, not feeling tired and not taking on any water. I was out of the water at about 8:30 by my watch. I saw that number and let out a huge grin, I was hoping for 9-10minutes so 8:30 was a welcome suprise. I had a smooth trasition with no bobbles and was off on the 14 mile bike ride.

At 2 miles in there is a hard climb up the back of the Hill of Death, that went well and I flew down the other side at 40mph, coasting! That also brought a smile to my face. I was trying to look for other riders in my age group but could not find anyone, nor was anyone finding me so I was atleast holding serve from the swim. The rest of the ride went well, we had a 15mph cross wind out of the West the entire ride. I did my best to hold a 20mph average and I think I just came up short of that, I'll have to look at the splits when they are posted. The best part was my legs were pain free and I still had energy in the tank.

I hit T2 without any issues and gave Katie and Ainsley a wink to let them know I was feeling good as I headed out on the run. I settled in on the run really quickly and was pain free. At 3/4 of a mile the Hill of Death started. If you have never done this race I cannot explain the hill, it is long and steep and after 50 or 60 minutes plus on the course, it's a kick in the junk. I made it up ok and was just over 7 minutes for the first mile. I coasted down the backside and just stayed steady the rest of the way to a finishing time of 1:17:00 and a 3rd place finish in my age group.

I'm very happy with my performance and would be just as happy if I had not placed as I set a new PR on this course. Now it's time to rest and take it easy this week. Next Saturday is my favorite weekend, the Iowa Games Tri/MTB double.

500 Yards of Fun

Smile for the camera, Wetsuits made bad swimmers much better!

Out of T1 and starting the 14 mile bike ride

Out of T2 and ready for the Hill of Death

Just meters from the finish line

Hey, a little hardware for the mornings work!

Saturday, July 08, 2006


All set

and ready to race. Tomorrow marks my first Triathlon of the season, Cornman Tri at Union Grove State Park in Gladbrook, Ia. I'm packed up and feeling good, ready to roll out around 6:30. Race recap tomorrow afternoon.

Ed out!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Firecracker 5k

Ok, here's your race report. Started off at 6:05am on the slingshot headed to Dysart, Iowa. Temps were perfect and I had just a slight hint of tailwind. Kept the bike pace fairly calm and I was feeling good. I took the Dysart rd route which is pretty hilly for these parts and the road surface is crap so it makes for a good workout. I arrived in Dysart about 1:20 min later, 25 miles and an average speed of 18.8mph. I did the registration thing and stretched out a bit. Got to the start line where the front was balled up with 15 and 16 year olds. Ready, set, go and we were off. I decided I would try to stay out front and see how things went. The first 1/2 mile I was about 10th or 11th and the pace was pretty quick. At mile one I was sitting all alone in 5th, I was thinking this is pretty cool. About 2 minutes later I was passed like I was standing still by someone in my age group, I had to let them go as I could not keep their pace for 2 miles. At mile 2 I was dead on 12:30 or 6:15 miles, then I felt some cramping in my quads so I eased up just a bit. I was passed by one more runner in the final mile and finished up in 7th overall and 3rd in my age group. Oh yea, and my age group was 20-34......WTF??? If you're going to do that just run the thing Open Men and Open Women and award 8 or 10 deep, whatever. I got what I was after which was a good bike and a good hard run. Final time was 20:09 which is the fastest so far this year. Rest of the week is low key to be ready for the Tri on Sunday.

Ed out!

Monday, July 03, 2006


4th of July Hurt Train

Sounds like there will be ride on the 4th starting at Kingsley Elem in WaWaloo at 7:00am and heading to Dysart. I will be leaving Hudson at 6:00am heading to Dysart to catch the Firecracker 5k at 8:00. There are a couple of old fast dudes in Dysart so a top 5 at the run should be a challenge. This will be my only hard effort before Cornman Tri next sunday. Post race recovery will be eating 2 burnt chubs, drinking and a half a dozen bud lites, and baking in the sun all day. Race report will come late Tuesday.

Have a great 4th and be safe.


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