Wednesday, December 27, 2006


It's Official

I'm FAT! Holy cow kids. Ending your season in early July and then not getting in regular workouts plus the holiday treats has taken it's toll. I'm not gonna give out any numbers but were talking Freshman 15 situation here. So moved up my '07 training start date from Jan 2nd to Christmas day. After a fantastic Christmas including tons of cool stuff for Ainsley, a new video camera for taping Ainsley, and a visit from Craft Claus I headed out for a trail run Christmas afternoon. Awesome day to run in the woods, I hit the Spring TT loop which is about 4 miles. It was a good test for my New Balance Thermal Tights and my Craft Gloves. They kept me nice and toasty as did my Duofold fleece jacket. I love tech clothing cause as it breaths the moisture starts to frost on the outside. Trail was in pretty good shape, saw a group of deer, a few MTB tire tracks, and even some green grass. After the run I got in a good stretch and felt great.

Tuesday I headed over to The Runners Flat to chat with Scott and Sarah about the upcoming Cedar Valley Adventure series. I'm so pumped about this, It's going to ROCK! Honestly people, you have no idea. This will be the "to do" off road race series in eastern Iowa. Speaking of that, I have another blog to get set up. More on that soon!


Saturday, December 23, 2006



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Slade's! We hope everyone has a fantastic holiday, see you in 2007!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


'07 is coming

It's about time to put 2006 in the books and look forward to 2007. As most people I have goals I would like to reach in the next year. Some are business related, some are athletic related, and some family related.
They include:
Making CVA one rocking race series
Running a sub 18:00 min 5k
Running a sub 40:00 min 10k
Running a sub 20:00 min 5k at the end of a tri
Ave 22mph on the bike during a tri
Trying new race formats, adventure race(i've been saying this for 3 years) or a 6-12 hour mtb race. Probably solo but Bidwell may be looking for a running mate in '07

Business wise, we want to continue to grow our business. This will include the launch of a business website and some road time for me talking to new customers. As we expand into cycling products and cnc reto-fitting machines we will probably expand into another building also. Crazy, never would have pictured that 3 years ago.

I will also be at some events pimping with the guys at Happy Mutant Multisport.

It will be a busy but hopefully fun and rewarding year.
What does '07 have in store for you?

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Random again

Really, I have no focus right now so I'm just going to spew lots of things at once. Here it goes

Why are people so damn crabby right now?? It's Christmas, time for joy and cheer and credit card debt .
Last week my good friend Chad got run up the flag pole for posting his personal feelings about a race, yes people, Ironman is just a damn race. And today some ass clown is bagging on Jeff for doing and saying the same things he has done for years! Yes, I use hammer products and recover ease becuase they ROCK. No, I'm not sponsored by them. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Who is Beta and why has blogger dumped them??

I've been doing way to much of this and non of this........It's very sad.

I'm drinking this as I type, even more sad.

Time to start training real soon. I'm thinking about doing several of these, and some of these, and promoting this........but right now I look like these guys. Sadness factor is getting worse, maybe I need to see one of these.
Naw.... all I really need is a ride on one of these

Who hit all the hot links???


Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Ok I'll Play

Well, Carlos has added me to this little game of "blogger tag". I'll be a good sport and play along.

- Best joy in my life is my daughter, Ainsley. Hands down, once you have kids you'll know what I mean.

- I played all the stick and ball sports in high school. Baseball, football, basketball, and golf. I was also a band geek like Kerkove. Marching band, concert band, jazz band........Man I'm a dork!

- If I could I would only ride bikes without gears. I love single speeds, I've converted more geared bikes to SS than I can remember. (my only geared bike is my tri bike)

- I hate draft legal triathlon's. Get some balls and do it on your own!

- I hate poorly designed low priced crap. Doesn't matter what it is, I hate looking at something and thinking for about 10% more money this product would really be useful.

- I'm super stoked about Cedar Valley Adventure. It's going to change the racing landscape in the area.

Ok that's all for me. I'm not going to win millions because I'm not going to tag anyone else. I think everyone has been hit.

Ed out!

Saturday, December 09, 2006


Ainsley's Ready

Ainsley woke up this morning, ate some breakfast, tossed on the Salsa hat and now she's ready for a run. I had her run around the house a little bit. I couldn't go, breakfast needed to settle.

Busy weekend on tap. Today will be spent at the firestation cooking meals for people around town that don't get out much. It's a good time and a good thing to do, I enjoy it. After that it's off to the Veridian Christmas party. I wonder if Jackalwill be there? After I stuff myself silly there it's back to the firestation for the rest of the fireman's Christmas party. Sunday Katie and I become members of the church. After all that, I think I'll take a nap!!

Word has it that Kerkove was in L.A. this week. I heard he is now dating Jessica Simpson, well done JK!

Have you checked out Cedar Valley Adventure??

Ed out!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006



I have found Michelle. I was at an end of season NASCAR party over the weekend and ran into her. She said she had a great 30th birthday and her mom did get a hold of her. Juels, she said she is currently free and looking for that special someone. You know, someone she can give her whore money to in return for some rock candy.

In bigger and better news............................. UNI 57 Iowa 55

Take that bitches!!!!!!! Steve I'm overpaid, over rated, and over dressed Alford.
That's, it's a damn good time to be a Panther grad.

Shop is nuts right now. Everybody wants something and they want it like right now!!! In fact, I'm on my way back there in about 30 minutes. Merry Christmas to you too! They are delaying the production of the bike racks. Oh well, gotta pay the bills some how.

OK, that's all folks.

Saturday, December 02, 2006



That's just another way of saying, "Random". So here goes.
A huge WTF yesterday. So, there I was, running a lathe at the shop when the phone rings. Stop the lathe, answer the phone. "Good afternoon S&S"....."Is Michelle there?". "Sorry, no Michelle here, you must have the wrong number". "This is the number she gave me, do you know where Michelle is?" "Aaaaaa no!" "This is her mother calling from South Carolina, do you know how I could find her?" "Again, no!" "How old are you? about 24?" "I'm 27" "You might know Michelle, she turns 30 tomorrow." OK, by now I'm laughing my ass off. Why does this lady think I know her daugher and why is she wasting her dime talking to me? The called lasted another minute and I just hung up on her. WTF!!!

More WTF, Ainsley won't sleep at night or take a nap. And when she does sleep she is standing up with her head on the edge of the crib. Are you kidding me! I'm sure it's just a phase but it's weird.

Winter is here, highs in the 20's and 30's. I hope Santa brings me some of the Craft gear I asked for.

Blog that made me laugh out loud. Noo-noo's X skills are awesome! You must watch the video.

Cedar Valley Adventure site has a few updates on it. I hope to add a trail info section, and more races soon. I have also reserved a blogsite that should be rock'in shortly.

I leave you with scary shots of a man on rollers and the Cedar Valley's bravest cold weather rider.


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