Thursday, March 30, 2006


Has Spring Sprung??

Weather is getting better and that means my spirits are staring to lift. I love spring! The temps go up and the sun stays out longer, wahoo!!! Seems like my life is in count down mode right now. 2 more weeks at the J-O-B. 10 weeks till Pigman Sprint. 1 week till my 2nd KHS Solo One shows up. I really excited about working at the shop full time. We just picked up a ton of work and I get to ride my bike to work every day, kick ass!!!!!
Expect the blogging to get better in 2 weeks, I'll have a lot of burdens off my shrinking shoulders by then.
In some other news there may be a Cedar Valley Tri club starting up. My co-worker Melissa wants to get one going so we can have training days and hold events. I'm all for it, hopefully it pans out. I've also seen that 2 time Ironman world champion and Cedar Rapids native Tim Deboom will be racing in the Pigman 1/2IM this year, that's pretty cool.

That's all for now.

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Jackpot Baby!!

I love coming home to cool stuff, and nothing is cooler than your team gear showing up! All top notch gear from my friends and Twin Six. Thanks guys!!
In other news I'm a busy boy right now as I try to close down open issues at the current job and gear up to start working at the shop full time. I hope the website will be up and running in 3-4 weeks - way cool.
Training is suffering, what else is new! I'll be ready for a PR at Pigman, no worries.

Sunday, March 12, 2006


Happy 1st Birthday Ainsley!!

Awesome temps on Saturday! I hit my run in the AM an then we got ready for Ainsley's Birthday party. Today I plan on hitting the bike to get some blood flow to the legs as they are a little sore. Hope you enjoy the pics of my little girl. I can't believe she's already 1 year old.

Monday, March 06, 2006


Let's see

what's been going on. Last week I made 3 of the 4 scheduled workouts plus weights after each run. Really, not too bad for me. I feel good and by the third run I was getting some form back. What else..... I'm starting to build up the KHS. That always makes my mind go crazy looking for parts and reading reviews. Stopped in to Europa Cycle and Ski Saturday to chat with Mr. 24 and Bucannondale. Bucannondale's RUSH was on display. Very, very nice. Mr. 24 loaded me up with elite and Recover-ease. Thanks Buddy! New issue of Mountain bike action showed up today. So far it sucks...... really not much there for me. Oh yea, the new girl I'm training at work is a triathlete. KICK ASS! And the person we hired before her ran college cross country. Another KICK ASS! I can actually talk to them about more that work. Speaking of work, better get some sleep. Going in early all week to try and get caught up, so I can get out!


Friday, March 03, 2006


Good Read

Check out this article about cycling, coffee, and the Twin Cities. It's so amazing how strong cycling is in a city where temps below zero are common.

And speaking temps, 40's for the weekend here in Iowa. So get your butt outside, yo!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Team for 2006!!

I'll sporting Twin Six gear as I cruise on the bike this year! I'm really looking forward to rolling with them and testing their new products. I'm not that fast but I'll look good! Check them out at

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