Monday, December 20, 2004


Is this True???

I was doing reading on training and came across this little idea on recovering in a hurry. I think I'd rather take my time.

If you are pushed to get back to work, or rushing to get home and do the daily chores, then simply cut the suggested cooldown period to 5 or 6 minutes and promote your recovery in the shower. How? Simply perform a series of hot/cold recovery periods while showering post training. This is done by showering under hot water for 2-3 minutes and then under cold water (as cold as it will go) for 30 seconds. This should be repeated three times. This recovery technique will aid in the removal of lactic acid and other fatiguing by-products.


Hello Cedar Valley.

and for the first time in 2-1/2yrs... I'm saying hello from the cedar valley!! I'm on lunch at the new J-O-B. Not going too bad, learning the ropes. Not too much else going on. Eating an apple and drinking some Gatorade trying to fuel the body for the weight room tonight. I hit the trainer pretty hard last night so the legs are not real happy. This week I'm hoping to hit all the workouts as scheduled. Should be able to get-r-done! Well, that's all. Just wanted to check in.


Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Ummmmm Smooooothie!!

Just got back from the weight room. Not only does that mean I got in a workout today, but I get to suck down a vanilla and strawberry smoothie!! My favorite, if only I could find a way to have smoothies during a half IM. Tonight I was pretty motovated so I had a good workout. I just kept thinking every other athlete I race against this year did the same thing today. So, instead of doing 20 reps, I did 22. It also scares me Carlos da Jackal is lifting under the instruction of Mr. 24. Carl used to play a ton of hockey and has a good frame to start with. Look out if he hits the weights hard, the man will create a monster power base.
Well, I'm excited for the end of the week. Friday marks my last day at Endries and Monday a new start at Bossard. Let's see, I have to be there at 7:00 so that means I'm up at 5:30 to, wait a minute... I only live 12 minutes from work now I can sleep till at least 6:15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The heart of my X-mas season starts Saturday, we are hosting a little family party, should be fun and better than Christmas weekend when we have to go to 5 houses in 3 days. That's no fun.
Well, the smoothie is in my belly. Time to shower and catch some Z's. Tomorrow morning in a 30min spin to aid in blood movement to my currently cooked legs.

Ed out!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Not too much....

going on today. Work's going pretty slow. Tonight I have to swing by Jesup Gym to get the Jackal some legal performance improving substances. I'm only doing this so I can draft him during the trans iowa race. I have sold my single speed wheelset (tears) and will be buying a 9 speed wheelset soon. It would be cool to say I did the race on a single speed but I doubt I would make it. So now I'm only short a rear derailer and a cassette from having a geared mtb.
I will be working at the machine shop tonight so it will be a late workout. Just some easy spinning. I can't push the trainer too much anymore, It screams like a little school girl when I crank it up. Ted shot me killer deal on some rollers but I have to see how things look after x-mas.
I guess nobody wanted to play movie trivia so screw yall. The movie was Old School. It will be a classic some day.

Friday, December 10, 2004


Wanted Ad

My trainer is trash....... Does anybody have one or know of someone that has one stuffed in a closet collecting dust?? The old school wind trainers are fine for now until I get some $$ for rollers.



What have I done???

Well there I am, # twenty niner on the list of racers for the first ever Trans Iowa Gravel Grinder Race. TIGGER as Carlos calls it, very clever my friend. Am I nervous with less than 5 months to this race and the fact I do not own a geared MTB? I'm gonna go with "yes" I'm also very excited about the challenge. As I strive to reach my goal of Ironman I will need to continue to push my endurance limits and this will be a great way to get in 24 hours + of continuous saddle time. Don't worry, I can peadal 100miles no problemo. Special thanks to the Queens for running support for us during the race. Is there a KFC in Algona???

What's with the weather lately??? I'll be riding to work in January if this keeps up!

A lot has happened since I last posted. Last weekend I shot my first deer. It was a very nice 8 point buck, I'll post pictures when I get them back.
Work has been crazy busy, plus I'm trying to tie up loose ends before I leave. That is something I don't think ever really gets done.
My training has been poo for the most part but I have lost a few pounds, thank god, I was almost up to my Freshman 25 weight. You know, all that quality dorm food and 3 straight days of drinking Bud heavy every week. Thank god those days are over.

I'll leave you with a little movie trivia contest.
What movie is this line from?
"Alright ladies, grab your vegetables. Who's hungry, who's hungry." Clue - "Hungry like the Wolf" is playing in the background.

Thursday, December 02, 2004


Happiest Man in the Cedar Valley

Well, maybe not as happy as the UNI mens basketball team, but damn close. Today I accepted a job offer from a company located in the cedar falls industrial park. A new job is usually not a huge deal to me, however this a big deal. Why??? Not for the money, Not due to the company, but because I can now RIDE MY BIKE TO WORK!!!!! For the last two and a half years I have been driving 45 miles one way to work. I'm not bitching, it was my choice, but man was it getting old. My new hours are killer too, I'll be off by 3:30 most days. Lot's o time to ride come spring!

The other reason for my glee is not the holiday season, but UNI's ass kicking of the monkey ballers from Ames. What was it ISU's point guard said??? Something like, " If we were in the missouri valley we would be in the tournment too" I don't think so Tim, you just got your ass kicked by a team form the MVC!!
I'm sure most people have also seen the replays of coach butterball trying to take on coach Mac.
Yea, that's a good idea, Mac is HUGE!

Anyonne else excited about the trans iowa race??
Cheese Queen, would you run support for me in addition to the Jackal??

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