Friday, April 29, 2005


Body on Shutdown

I think all the riding, working, and new baby stress has finially got to me. Wednesday I went to bed at 5:30pm and didn't get up until Thursday morning at 7:00am. I'd call that hibernation. I have also lost about 8 pounds this week, I'm going to melt away!! We are heading to Kansas City this weekend to visit my brother-in-law and get some R & R. Katie's mom is also going along to help take care of Ainsley so hopefully Katie and I can get some alone time. I love Ain's to death but it's stressfull. Come Monday I will be fully focused on the Pigman Sprint Tri on June 5th. I'm looking to take about 7 minutes off last years time and get into the top 5 of my age class. I'm going to do the 10 mile time trial next Wednesday and that will help me see where I'm at.
That's all for now, good luck to everyone racing in Waverly this weekend.

Ed out!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Trans-Iowa recap, Finally!!!

It has taken me a while to sit down and write up my thoughts on Trans-Iowa. There were a lot of very good things and a couple of bad things that really made the ride interesting.

To start our trip off the Jackal’s Exploder decided it did not want to make the trip and would rather stay at Wal-Marts parking lot. After a quick tow truck ride the Explorer was returned to its home, and we quickly stuffed all our gear into the P5 and loaded the bikes on top.

We had a good trip out to Hawarden that included a HUGE wind farm, a GIANT Pocahontas and the Sinclair dinosaur. Naturally our cameras were buried in the back of the car. We rolled into Hawarden to meet up with the other racers and host families at the Pizza Ranch (which has taken over all small towns in Western Iowa). After eating we met our host family. They were Great people, more room than any hotel and a killer breakfast!! A big thanks goes out to everyone in Hawarden for welcoming the riders into their homes.

Race day morning was beautiful. Temps in the low 40’s, sunny skies, and mild winds. We all rolled out in great spirits and it didn’t take long for riders to spread and groups to form. About 10 miles in Carl and I found our place in the world working together taking pulls and drafting each other. We would catch riders that would suck tire but not pull, so we would then drop them like a bad habit. I HATE riders that only suck tire.

Things were going pretty well until about 10:00 when the winds kicked up to a sustained 20-25mph from the N / NW and we entered the “Level B” roads. They were not roads, they were mud holes and the earlier riders made single track in the grass that we all followed. It was rough and beat me up pretty good on the full rigid Rockhopper.
After the level B roads my average speed took a major hit along with my body. Carl and I made it to Primghar, did the math, spoke about our current situation and decided to call it a day. I hate quitting, but there was no possible way we could make the 6:00 check in Algona. We decided to save our bodies for another day. Our wonderful support crew, Cheese Queen and Nicole, picked us up and we drove to Algona. In Algona we found others that had been destroyed by the wind and stopped riding. The final totals were 52 started, 16 made Algona, and only 9 finished the race. Big standing round of applause for those that made Algona and those that finished.

I am disappointed in having to quit. I have never logged this many miles this early in the season and I really thought I would finish. Staying positive I learned a lot about endurance events, training, and fueling. I discovered things that don’t work for me in regards to fueling and carrying gear. (I carried way too much stuff) I am really excited for the first triathlon in June and if there is a Trans-Iowa part II, I would probably ride.

That’s it for my Trans-Iowa #1. Big thanks to Jeff and Ted, everyone in Hawarden, and our sponsors for some major schwag!!!!!!
Tifosi good, Ergon good, GU always good.
Stay tuned for pictures of the Jackal at the Decorah Time Trials.

Thursday, April 21, 2005


It's gonna be fun

Trans-Iowa is changing by the minute... I love it!! This is what the race is all about. We have been saying from day one to BE PREPARED FOR ANYTHING. Wind, rain, cold, snow??? better be ready. I loaded up the bike with all the gear last night. It looks like I'm going on a super tour not a bike race. Whatever it takes, I will make it. Also fit up the new Ergon grips, they will be mucho comfortable!

Rode the Slingshot on the trainer for 45 min and then ran a mile. Legs felt wonderful. Well that's all for now. Will finish packing tonight and get some good sleep.

Ed out!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Before the Big Event

Well, just a few days till Trans-Iowa. I feel that I am ready. It's not a x-country race, it's a marathon. Nice steady pace and try to keep your mind off of 300 miles in one day. I hope that the Jackal and I can ride together for the event. It will be much easier on the mind.
I plan on easy spinning days the rest of the week, just enough to keep the body familiar with the bike. I have some cleaning and set up things to do on the Rockhopper Wednesday night and then everything will be set. Nothing else going on, it is raining today but Saturday and Sunday should be ok.

Ed out.

Sunday, April 17, 2005


Causes of Ghost Shifting

Dirty Bike 002
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Need Fenders!!

Dirty Bike 003
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Taste the Gravel

Dirty Bike 001
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Mr.24 and I headed out for some sloppy night time fun last night. (that would have meant something totally different 7 years ago) Anyway, 50 mile Trans Iowa test ride and man was it a good thing we went. I'm making some major changes to my ride, like adding fenders!! Holy crap, can you even see the front der clamp?? It rained all day and then off and on for the first 20 miles of the evening. This made for some major slop. Attn: people that wear contacts. Get some cheap ass clear glasses AND bring eye drops, I had crap in my eys all night. The Cateye HL-500's rocked out lighting our way and the 400 makes a great helmet mounted light. Jeff called in a pack of dogs that gave us a good 30 second sprint. THANKS JEFF!
All in all it was very educational and lots of fun. Except for the super creepy house Just outside of P-burg. Still freaks me out. Legs feel great this morning. If anyone wants any tips from last night just comment on this post. See y'all later.

Thursday, April 14, 2005


She's a Brick,,(da da daa dat) House!

Just for you Ted!!! As you may have guessed I headed out last night for a little dirt trail brick action. My favorite!!! Things went very well other than a flat rear tire, but I was prepared, so no problems. My mile times on a twisting turning off balance trail were around 7:10 with the heart rate at 152-155 range. That is exciting news after being on the bike for 45 min and turning low 7's on the trail this early in the season. Low 6's are just around the bend. I can't wait to lay down the hurt on my first Tri.

Not much else going on. Looking like a Saturday night ride to CR on the Nature Trail for all that are interested.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Like Mom always said

"if you can't say anthing nice, don't say anything at all." Work has really been a pain lately so I'm trying hard to follow this motto. I don't have a whole lot to say today. I have taken the last two days off of training and I'm soooo itching to ride. Trying to set up a 100 mile day or 150 miles in 24hrs between Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday. If you are interested let me know.
I'm fairly open until Sunday afternoon. (actually I'm riding to Dysart Sunday so anyone is welcome to ride down, but you will be flying solo on the way back).

I thought a Friday night ride to CR on the Trail would be cool.

My new Terry Fly saddle is at Europa finally. I'm excited to pick that up over lunch.


Ed out!

Monday, April 11, 2005


Trail / Adventure Run

/walk/hike/ whatever the heck else I wanted to do. I set off for a 30 min run last night that turned into 1-1/2 hours. Why does that happen??? I honestly think anything under an hour is boring. Is this an endurance athlete curse? I headed out to catch some of the ATV trails behind the golf course and ended up quite a ways outside of town. The trail was in good shape and I was enjoying myself so my mind started to wander. "There is a lot of room in here, I could easily build a fun little loop." So I ran, and walked, and explored and came to the conclusion that I would add in a loop to this section by the end of spring. I still have hopes of getting trail from Hudson to Waterloo all off road. I think the land is there, it will just take time to make the trails.

I would also like to get a little group together to run the trails on the 2nd and 4th Monday of every month. Maybe run the trail on the 2nd Monday and do a time trial on the 4th Monday.
That would let me change the location every month. Charge $3-$5 for the time trial and use the money for trail expansion and maintance. Also to start up the Cedar Valley Multi Sport club I would like to get going. Any thoughts or people I could contact? I think there is a Cedar Valley running club and the Panther Pacers.

That's all for now.

Ed out!

Sunday, April 10, 2005



Sponsonship 1
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Ainsley just signed her deal with Zoot.

2025 Ironman Wisconsin.......Ainsley Slade, You Are an Ironman!!!

Saturday, April 09, 2005


Saturday Ride Report

Met up with Carlos this morning at 6:00am, I was on time today. We rode all around the GW, Hartman, and Blackhawk park trails. Temps were in the Mid 40's so it didn't take long to start taking layers of clothing off. Carl and I rode 28.8 miles together including paved, gravel and single track. FYI the single track in GW is in really nice shape. Most impressive part of the ride was Carlos's balls out big pull into the wind. Dude just put his head down and hammered into the wind with me sucking his tire. It pretty much saved me a the time cause my tank was on empty.

After Carl headed off to work I rode a little bit more of everything. Some hill repeats, Euro Crit, and various trails in the parks. By 9:00 the trails were full of cyclist's not wearing helments, dogs not on a leash, roller-blader's in the middle of the trail wearing head-phones, and walker's on the left that freak when you want to pass on the left. Get a clue people, run right, ride right, walk right, roller-blade right.

I racked up 65 miles in 4-1/2 hours. Didn't get my 100 miles but I am happy with the saddle time. No leg pain tonight, I'm very happy about that. 2 weeks till Trans-Iowa.

Ed out!

Friday, April 08, 2005


Adventure Freaks!!!

I'm soooo excited yet soooo upset. I totally could have done this race instead of the Iowa Games but we have a wedding that afternoon. AGHHHH. It is very good to see an Adventure race in
Iowa and for only $60/person. Check it out here
I hope to be there next year!


Everybody's working for the weekend!

Ted will appreciate that!
I had a great workout this morning. 12 miles on the bike and 2 miles of running and I feel fantastic. I really needed that two day break. Body was beat up and mentally work was getting to me. Now it's Friday, I'm fresh and ready for the weekend. Again, Saturday I will be riding all morning, just let me know if you want to play too.

Wonder if Dirtram has limited his internet time in order to train for Xterra?? Haven't heard from him in a long time...... Oh, maybe sniper kitty got him!

Must finish my Cliff bar and coffee and get some work done!

Ed Out!

Thursday, April 07, 2005


Weekend Hall Pass

I am a load.... I have not trained for 2 days, I needed the break. Body was just plain tired. I have a hall pass for Saturday morning that is good till noon 'o clock. I will be on the MTB at the bottom of lookout hill by 6am if anyone cares to join in for all or part of my 100 mile day. No structure to this ride but there will be several trips up Lookout Hill. Let me know where and when if you would like to join. (Kelly, up for some miles??)

That's all, must sleep.. 5:00am ride tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Bike to Work Coming up!

Reminder - Bike To Work Week is right around the corner!! May 14-20!!We all know that the earth is suffering from a variety of stresses, including that put on the air by the constant use of automobiles as a growing population drives everywhere they go. By using bicycles wherever possible, it we can reduce the energy consumption of the country and thus the amount of strain that is put on the system of energy and supply. Perhaps the idea of riding a bike to work never really occurred to you. Perhaps the road you drive on seems very hostile and inhospitable to bike riders. There are bike maps of most towns available which can point out alternative routes to the worst words. Also, a little weekend experimentation can yield some good results. Get out on your bike and ride aroud randomly, exploring different ways out from where you live. Riding your bicycle takes more time than driving in a car, but it can actually be more efficient over short distances when the hassle and expense of parking is considered. With a bicycle, almost always there is a convenient post to lock up to. With bicycle commuting, the biggest excuse against it is simply the amount of work that it is. It does take some effort to ride to work, but that effort is paid off in a variety of ways, beyond just the benefit of transformation. Increased health, relaxation and alertness are just some of the benefits that come from taking joy in the natural process of travelling by your own power - literally. Figuring out your route is the most important part of bicycle commuting, but after that you have a few other things to decide on. Depending on the weather and how far you have to ride, you might need to plan on time at work to change into your work clothes before beginning your day. Carrying a good book can be helpful. Perhaps it is possible to find an employee lounge or otherwise out of the way area where one can cool off and prepare to change into work clothes. It may seem unusual to ride a bike to work, but it is a viable transportation alternative, and in this day and age, it is a noble one. If you have a short distance only to travel to work each day, you may want to consider bicycle commuting. You can avoid the hassle and expense of driving and parking cars and get to work on time and feeling fine. Considering the health and ease of bicycle commuting, not to mention it's affordabilty, isn't it time that you got yourself a bicycle?

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Blogger's server sucks!

Here is the short version of my post from earlier today that Blogger's server booted!

AM workout - 12 miles on the bike to work, 1.20 mile run around Prarrie Lakes.

PM workout - Hot laps around Prarrie Lakes and/or Greenbelt single track. Anyone care to join in????? Rebel against the group road ride!! Just kiddin'.

This Weekend - MTB century ride starting early am. Route to be determined. Any takers?

Monday, April 04, 2005


The Weekend Review.

Lot's to catch up on so here we go.
Friday after work I did some recon on a trail system I thought I had found. It was a bust. There are some ATV trails on the West side of Blackhawk Creek between Waterloo and Hudson, the hope was they connected to eachother and made a nice little system. Well, they did not. That's the bad news, good news is there is plenty of room to build such a trail system, if only I had the time!
Saturday was off too a bad start when I over-slept my 6:00am ride with the Jackal. Got there about 6:15, he already had 5 hill repeats and 9 miles in, Damn it!! We then rode around for 23 miles or so. At one point I was stuck between a walker and oncoming traffic, The Jackal saw this and took off on me, made for a good little sprint to catch him. After he left to get ready for work I did 3 more big hill repeat loops and one more 6 miler through GW and Hartman.

Sunday I didn't ride and felt like a total load. I did get in my first swim in ages late in the afternoon. I'm off and not smooth at all right now, twice a week till June and I'll be in good shape.

This morning I over-slept once again so riding to work was foiled. I never over-sleep, baby must be getting to me. I ran for 30 minutes and then showered and went to work.
Plan for tomorrow is big miles in the AM before work and the forcasted rain. Low tonight is forcasted at 52 so the morning should be nice. Up at 5:00am and a big 'ol loop to work.
I have a new Trans-Iowa product to test out, I will review in a couple of days.


Friday, April 01, 2005


Ahhhh, Friday

End of the week is here. No more work, all play for 2-1/2 days. The 1/2 comes from Friday afternoon cause I'm a gonna go riding. (say that with your best nascar voice) Anyone that wants to explore the new single track I discovered let me know. I'll be at the trail head no later than 5:00pm tonight. Ted, JK, Jackal, JY.........Does JY have a MTB??

Took the Ranger to the glass shop this morning to finally get the windshield fixed. Since I had to fix the Ploder I scheduled the Ranger too. Rode to work from there, 5.75miles of fresh 34 degree air. AHHHHHH. Crazy how Tuesday at 6:00am it was 52, and today it was 34!!

Last thing..... Tomorrow morning 6:00am ride meeting at the parking lot at the bottom of Lookout Hill. Bring layers and prepare to sweat and shed!!!! There will be carnage everywhere!! Plan on a little bit of everything... Warm up, hill repeats, sprints, spinning.... whatever, It will be good time, so SHOW UP!!! Oh yea, bike of choice shall be Road/Tri.
Bring your MTB if you really want to suffer. Or if your name is Jeff Kerkove so the rest of us can keep up.

Have a wonderful Friday!!

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