Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Training Tips from Trifuel.com

Just a couple of things I ran across on trifuel.com to help get ready for next season. Spring seems sooooo far away!

Combine Activities And this doesn't mean taking your HR monitor to bed with you! It means turning your long run into a social outing by running with a buddy. Doing a stretch or wind trainer session in front of your favourite TV program. One of the biggest challenges you will face when you are training for triathlon is finding the time to spend with family and friends - particularly if you are looking at Ironman distance triathlons or longer multisport events. One way around this is to encourage your spouse, friends and family to get enthusiastic about what you are doing - if you have a long run on, why not pack up the family for a walk in the forest while you run and follow it up with a picnic? Or get them keen on cycling or take them along to the pool while you do your swim sessions. You will not only get more enjoyment out of the training by having people you care about with you, but they may improve their fitness too!

Organise yourself! Get a diary/folder with a weekly time schedule in it - it should contain your training program, work hours, engagements and in my particular case, article deadlines! Having this with you throughout the day allows you to adjust and plan the week ahead. Remember to use whatever works for you - a flow chart, notebook, or for those that want an excuse for another toy, a PDA. Have contingency plans for bad-weather days or when things just don't go as planned. When winter comes knocking on your door, it's easy to fall in to the trap of snoozing on through the wet weather, dark mornings and early evenings. Rather than thinking that the days are shorter in winter, change your attitude and consider the day as just having less light! Changing the way you think is the perfect way for you to stop hitting the snooze button and to build a base that will have your rivals trembling.

Ditch the Car For a long run in the afternoon, allow the (sometimes) ever-efficient public transport system to deliver you to work. When home time arrives, you can have the running gear on and be ready to start that run. You might just be surprised at how much your fitness and bike handling skills increase just by cycling to work or the pool. Understandably we don't all have the flexibility to use these options. However, putting yourself in a position of being able to utilize your time is probably the most important point. Examples of this include, joining the gym/swim squad closest to work/home and using their shower and change facilities.

Saturday, November 27, 2004


Ding... Turkey's Done!!

Finally, the bird is dead and I have has my ass kicked by that Trip-ta-couch chemical stuff for the past 3 days. Now I really need to train. Not a much happening around here, that would explain the slow rate of posts, sorry yall. Kerkove is making me think winter is over and not just starting with all this race across Iowa talk. See the info at www.jeffkerkove.blogspot.com.
It will be a blast and I really hope I have the time to do the race.

I've been looking over some of my race results from last year for motivation, it shouldn't take much, I was very close to top 4 finishes in most the events. Just as Mr. 24 is looking to set up the race across Iowa I have been doing a little research into a spring trail run or two here in the cedar valley. Many people have been working very hard to add trails at Ulrick Park, if you know the updated system is there a 3 to 5 mile loop there now that could be used for a run?
Also looking for what everyone likes to see for swag... Hats, water bottles, socks, race/fuel belts, entry fees to other races, visors. Let me know, I hate the booooring T-shirt and would rather give something out people can use.

Watched ISU loose a heart breaker today, soooooo close, again!

Tomorrow's workout is in the weight room again, nothing too exciting.

C-ya all later.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Product Testing, During Training or Racing?

Ok, I know stupid question, you should always test new products during training. I know this, but only through personal experiences. Sometimes even though you know you shouldn't do something you still try it anyway. I'm here today to try and burn this into your heads and make you think twice before trying something for the first time during a race.

Equipment - Never ever ever ever change your position on the bike the day of or day before a race. I have done this, and it was 100% my fault and impatience, and I paid dearly for it. I have never been in soooooo much pain after a race.
The best thing I have ever done was have a professional (Dirtram) look at my bike position a week before an event. We changed some things, I rode that week to get comfortable with the change, and the next weekend I placed 3rd at a Du.
That was the smart way to go about it!!

Water sources - sounds odd but if you run water bottles while training then go to a Camelback system during a race it could throw you off. There are balance issues and weight in odd places you need to get accustomed to. You may have just a couple of seconds to get in a gulp in some single track and you reach for a water bottle that's not there, uh oh, forget there's a straw coming off your shoulder didn't you!

What else - some real bone head things like clipless pedals, (we all have war stories about falling over while standing still, hehe).

Nutrition - Have you noticed that there are several brand of gels, supplements, and recovery drinks.. Not to mention all the fla va flavors. That's cause no one product works for everyone.
Yes, I know you may get a free gel packet or some special pill in your race bag at check in. That doesn't mean you need to use it during the race. Try all the brands you can get your hands on during training and see what works for you. Better a so so training day than $50 shot on a bad race. I tried Cliff Shots for the first time during a race and threw up 25min later. I use GU and GU2O along with Hammer Gel products.

PS.. Never eat dairy queen 1 hour before a 10k..... Right Clay and Juhls!

Final thing to remember. A race should be fun, and races are more fun when you are confidant in your equipment, nutrition, and preparation. Not wondering or worrying about how something will react, feel, or perform.


Thursday, November 18, 2004


Updates and Random Things

Nothing too exciting going on today. Another warm one here in the Cedar Valley, but it is raining. That's a downer.
As far as training goes I missed my run on Tuesday (cause i'm lazy) so last night I made up for it. 9:00pm on November 17th in Iowa and it was 55 degrees out. I was running in shorts and a t-shirt, IT WAS GREAT! My heart rate was really out of wack though, I should have been around 125-130bpm but the Polar A1 had me at 142 ave for the 36min. Didn't feel like 140's though, I will be keeping a close eye on this. After the run I hit the weights. 8 exercises 2 sets of 20 reps on each exercise. It gets really booooooring doing that many reps, but if that's what it takes to reach my goals, I don't care!

Tonight is a 45min spin on the trainer and then a 20min run. Again everything is in Zone 1, nice and easy.

Stopped at Jesup Gym (www.jesupgym.com) on my way home from work and scored some protein powder per Jeff Kerkove's recommendation. Super cheap and the stuff mixes super easy.

I also stopped at Europa last night to see Kerkove and the Jackal, they were enjoying building up BMX bikes. We were discussing my design for a SUV/Van/Truck bike holder (stay tuned) and the possibility of a Spring Trail Run Series in the Cedar Valley. Kerkove thought we should have a catchy name. Carlos suggested:

SPring run with ED
I would like to suggest I run you over with my Short Bus!! hehe

How bout Timber Time Trial Series or Timber Trail Series.
Anyone else have any suggestions?

I'm out.

Monday, November 15, 2004


Training Plan in Detail

Look out, 2 posts in one day!! It's crazy!
As I said earlier today I couldn't hold out anymore and I started training today. My Plan is for 6 months which will be done a little early for the first race. So, I plan on making some changes to lengthen the plan a bit. More fun workouts, bricks, and even more rest days so I don't burn out.
Looks like I will be doing fewer races due to the baby on the way, which is cool, so I want those races to be great!
My plan comes from a book by Gale Bernhardt, "Training Plans for Multisport Athletes" Great book with lots of plans from Sprint to Ironman. 12 weeks to year round. Duathlon to Xterra. And the part I really like is it includes the weight training with the other 3 sports. Pick up this book if you have a year or two under your belt and are ready to stand on the podium!
Like I said, it is a 6 month program focused on the Olympic distance. I will be doing Sprint, Olympic, and Half Iroman distance this coming year so I may lengthen some workouts and shortening some others to fit my needs.

Here are the Phases
4 weeks of Preparation - This gets the body ready for the upcoming stresses and sets your body into a routine.
12 weeks of base training - This is really 3, 4 week sessions building that super strong base.
4 weeks of build - This is when you bring it!! You are going all out or resting. These are the speed workouts.
2 weeks of Taper - Mostly short intervals and lots of rest for the big day.

During the season I like to mix things up and have fun, do short workouts found in articles or pick a trouble spot and try to tweak it.

So today I hit the weight room as instructed. Today's workout was a Circuit session. 40-60 percent of my single rep max (don't ask what that is!). Eight exercises, three to five sets, 20 reps per set. That's a ton of up and down but it will pay off.

Tomorrow Morning is an easy 40 min run, when I say easy we are talking Zone 1 for those of you that use a HRM to train. I have found that always breathing with the nose keeps me in this zone.

I'll update again tomorrow, anyone looking for more details on the workouts let me know.
Oh, and for supper I had 2 slices of bread, 2 hard boiled egg whites, and a glass of milk. I was in a hurry to get to Fire Fighter training.



Wow, has it really been almost a Week!!

I can't believe it's been 6 days since my last post. Sorry, ya'll. Good thing is I have lots on my mind.
First off, I could not wait any longer to start training. So this morning at 5:00am I crawled out of bed and went to the fire station to work out. 2 Mile run to warm up and then weight lifting.
I'll out line the training program in more detail on my next post.

Second, FOOD!!!!!!! Ummmm. I'm going to use this blog and let everyone see what I'm throwing at my grill. Why?? So I can better recognize the crap I eat and you guys can give tips both good and bad.
So, Today after my morning workout I ate two Eggo's covered in vanilla yogurt and fresh berries, a big class of milk and a 12oz coffee for the 50min drive to work.
Mid morning I broke down and had a leaded Cherry Pepsi.

For lunch a Turkey Sandwich on 7 grain bread with cheese. Cottage Cheese (the cheese queen would be proud!) and an apple.

For Dinner - ?????

I did some brain storming last night and I've got a better idea on what to make for a repair stand. I've also got a killer set up ready to roll for a SUV/Van transport system. I'll be letting all the boys at Europa and Smiths test out the proto-types.

A Special thanks to everyone that has stopped by to read this blog. It' s pretty cool to receive comments from all over the country. Once I have time I hope to make this more eye catching like Jeff's (www.jeffkerkove.blogspot.com) and Carl's (www.carlosdajackal.blogspot.com). Stop by their sites for great reading on MTB racing and sniper kitty's.

Hopefully tonight I will post the details of the training plan.
Until then...................A wet dog sweats in a dry fire.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004



It's hyponatremia - What is it and how does it effect us as endurance athletes? Well - basically it's over-hydration. I'm sharing this with everyone cause it can happen to you.... It happened to me and I didn't know what had happened until I read an article similar to this. So, I lived and learned, don't make the same mistake I did.

This year I was really nervous before Cornman Sprint Triathlon. For me this is that one race you really want to do well at. It is a Regional Qualifier for the USTA Age Group Championships and I knew if it all came together I would qualify. I was concerned about dehydrating during the race so I drank tons of water before the race. I had at least 100oz down before the start. The swim was fine, the bike was good and I had taken another 20oz of water. I was in 2nd place in my age class out of T2 when I knew something wasn't right. I felt like I had a water balloon in my stomach and I was developing a terrible headache. By the end of the 5k I had nothing left and I went from 2nd to 5th in my class. It was the worst I have ever felt after an event and it took several hours before I felt well again. I had a feeling I drank too much H2O because of the gut ache, but until reading an article on hyponatremia, I didn't know how serious it could have been.

Runners Beware: Over-Hydration Can Be More Dangerous Than Dehydration
Nearly one in five marathon runners exhibit symptoms of exercise-related hyponatremia(1)
Fort Washington, PA (October 30, 2003) – The more than 200,000 runners2 approaching the starting line of major marathoners this fall must be warned about a recently identified, potentially life-threatening hazard that may be caused by drinking too much water, hyponatremia.
"While the dangers of dehydration are common knowledge amongst amateur and experienced endurance athletes alike, there is something much more dangerous than not enough water: too much water," said Dr. Arthur Siegel, a physician at Harvard-affiliated McLean Hospital in Belmont, MA, and leading researcher on hyponatremia who has run 20 marathons. "We must educate runners to optimize rather than maximize fluid intake during extreme exercise to avoid water intoxication."
Exercise-related hyponatremia may occur during prolonged sports activity such as marathons, triathlons, long-distance hiking or bicycling when fluid intake, including water and sports drinks, exceeds fluid loss. When water dilutes the body's salts, the blood has too much water and too little sodium, causing brain cells to absorb too much water, swell and push against the skull.3 This can result in nausea, severe fatigue, disorientation, vomiting and, in the most severe cases, seizures, coma and even death.4
All endurance athletes who over-drink are at risk for hyponatremia, but those most prone to the condition include females and people with slower marathon finishing times (more than four hours) who are hyper-vigilant about their water intake5. A recent study conducted by Runner's World indicates that 74 percent of marathon runners take analgesics, and over 88 percent report use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)6. However, runners who use NSAIDs like Advil® and Aleve® for pain relief in close proximity to race time may be at additional risk5.
Katherine "KC" Guevara experienced the horrors of hyponatremia first hand at the Boston Marathon this past April, only one year after the condition caused the collapse and subsequent death of 28 year old Cynthia Lucero after collapsing at the 22-mile mark.
"Even though I increased my salt intake the week before the race, I also drank almost three liters of water beforehand and drank more throughout. I knew at mile seven that something was wrong and I was in trouble," said Guevara, a 27-year old running enthusiast from Centerville, VA. "In the medical tent, I was woozy and slurring my speech and once someone took my sodium levels, they realized I had hyponatremia and gave me some hot, salty broth. The scary thing is, a few years ago, I may have been treated for dehydration – with more water."
Despite new hydration guidelines7,8 and educational materials developed by the USA Track & Field Association, the American Medical Athletic Association and marathon race directors, many runners have not gotten the word about hyponatremia.
Siegel said there are several simple steps runners can take to prevent hyponatremia.
"Runners should weigh themselves before and after their next long training run to determine if their body tends to retain fluid during endurance exercise," said Dr. Siegel. "If they gain weight, they are at risk for the condition and should take precautions during the marathon."
During a race, Dr. Siegel said it is vital that runners avoid over-drinking. Runners who develop progressive headache, nausea or vomiting should stop all fluid intake, including sports drinks, and seek medical assistance immediately. If a marathoner plans to take a pain reliever, take TYLENOL® 8 Hour, as a safe over-the-counter choice during endurance sports activity.
For more information about hyponatremia, please visit
www.marathonfirsttimers.com , a Web site designed to educate runners of all ages and abilities on the crucial aspects of running a marathon, including nutrition, apparel, injury prevention and pain treatment.
McNeil Consumer & Specialty Pharmaceuticals, a division of McNeil-PPC, Inc., is headquartered in Ft. Washington, PA, and markets products such as TYLENOL®, IMODIUM®, ST. JOSEPH® and MOTRIN®.
Tips on Preventing Hyponatremia – The Do's and Don'ts of Water Intake: How Much is Too Much?
For years, the mantra among runners has been: "Drink as much water as possible." But a condition called exercise-related hyponatremia shows that, like many things, too much of a good thing can be unhealthy.
Hyponatremia occurs when fluid intake – including sports drinks – exceeds fluid loss during exercise, throwing off the balance between the body's water and sodium levels. When the blood has too much water and too little sodium, brain cells absorb too much water and the brain swells, pushing against the skull. This condition can lead to nausea, fatigue and vomiting and, in the most severe instances, seizures, coma and even death.
All endurance athletes who over-drink are at risk for hyponatremia, but those most prone to the condition include females and people with marathon times over four hours who are hyper-vigilant about their water intake. Additionally, runners who use nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like Advil® and Aleve® for pain relief in close proximity to race time may be at additional risk.
Some Do's and Don'ts on Avoiding Hyponatremia:
DO drink moderately during races as recommended in new guidelines developed by the American Medical Athletic Association and USA Track & Field.
DON'T drink more than 16-24 ounces of fluid, including sports drinks, one to two hours before running a race.
DO figure out personal intake and output levels by weighing yourself before and after a training run:
If you lost weight, you should drink more the next time.
If you gained weight, you should drink less.
DON'T take NSAIDs like Advil® and Aleve® before or during endurance events because, according to a few published reports, these over-the-counter pain relievers seem to increase the risk for hyponatremia. Do take acetaminophen, or TYLENOL® 8 Hour, as a safe over-the-counter choice for your muscle aches and pains.
DO stop all fluid intake if you experience weight gain with progressive symptoms such as swollen hands and feet, confusion, throbbing headache, dizziness and nausea.

Sunday, November 07, 2004


Global Warming Rocks!!

It is so freaking nice out it is scary. This is November in Iowa right? I remember taking a class at UNI called Capstone, we talked about the deterioration of the ozone and the warming of earth. Well, if it gets you a weekend like this in November, go away ozone, go away!!! So Training, yeah, that's an interesting one. Yes, Carlos, I did get a spin in on the Sligshot Saturday morning. Just did the loop from me casa to Orange, down Ho-Chi-Min road, and back to the homestead. I just got back this morning from 2 miles of running and lifting weights.
The training has been very sporadic lately. I'm kinda in a don't know what to do state until January 1. My training program is a 6 month program for olympic distance, so if I start January 1 I should be peaked and ready to rock for Pigman Sprint in early June. Until then I'm just trying to get a pre-base started. Nothing much else say.... Get out and enjoy the day!!!!!

Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Safety First..... The Day Carlos Saved My Life

I'm not sure who all checks in on my site but chances are you ride, or have ridden, a bicycle. I'm not here to preach but simply tell a story that everyone should hear.
About 4 years ago Carlos da Jackal and I went for a MTB ride after work. I drove to his house (I know, I should have rode) and where gonna head out when he asked where my helmet was. I said, "Ah, forgot it, no big deal." Carlos wasn't having any of that and flipped me an extra lid. We headed off and decided to ride through Adam's Trail, now closed thanks to the tree huggin' 50 something’s that live near there. This trail is not the easiest and has several spots that could send you for a ride over the handlebars.
In true Eduardo form I did just that and landed on my melon. I was out for a few seconds and then figured out what had happened. I wandered out of the trail, with a concussion. Yea, helmet on and I still had a concussion. Without the Jackal insisting I wear a brain bucket I could have been living Christopher Reeves style. NOT COOL.
To this day I remember that crash and always were my helmet.
Thanks Carlos!


Tuesday, November 02, 2004


A Great Saying......

One of my co-workers said this today and I almost fell off my chair.

Strip bars are pointless.... It's like feeding a starving man plastic fruit.


Innovative Product Ideas

I'm feeling a little creative today. One of the big advantages of being a co-owner of a machine shop is the ability to make just about anything. There are a lot of products out there that could use a major price reduction or some user friendly tweeking. There are also a lot of things that you find yourself saying, "damn, wish someone made something like ......." Here are some of the things I'm working on or thinking of.... Post your thoughts on things you could use or that need inprovement.

#1 - An areo cage set up for 2 bottles, tire levers, C02, Tube, gels, and a special tie system for your running shoes. Why - So you can take your shoes out on the ride and do brick workouts where ever your want. I will be showing this off come spring!

#2 - A solid consumer repair stand for under $75. Not sure if I can get this done but I'm gonna try.

#3 - A better designed tensioner for Single Speed conversions. Don't know what to do here yet?
I do have AL spacer's designed for 7,8,9 speed wheel conversions. The ID is actually milled to match the grooves on the hub (just like a cassette).

#4 - An under the areo bar water bottle cage mount........ Did you stay with me on that one? Not sure how much sense it makes. I may try it anyway.

That's enough from me, what'ch'all think??

ps - anyone that can make baskets out of old bicycle tubes recycled from the dumpster behind the shop best be sending me some ideas.

Monday, November 01, 2004


Weekend Rant!!

Ok, here's the deal, I had a shitty weekend so to get some stuff off my chest I'm gonna rant a little bit.

#1 - Manners - Last night we had several little ill-mannered bastard kids come trick-or-treat at our house. Do these kids live in a barn, or possibly a metal culvert on a gravel road somewhere? Over half of them didn't say "Trick-or-Treat" or THANK YOU! I bet I had 5 or 6 ask if they could take more than one. NO, you greedy little sugar freak.... It's 6:30 and this thing goes till 8:00. Next year, Clay's coming down and we will hand you organically friendly health food for all the little Monkeys! That's right, can you say gra-no-la.

#2 - Septic System - Saturday night I took the dog to the basement to the kennel ready to call it a day when, squish, squish...... Yes, my dreams come true, an endless pool in my laundry room. Only is was more like endless poo and not and endless pool. As Rob Lowe said in Tommy Boy, "that's not mud chucko!!) So I spent the next 3 hours with a shop vac, fan, and utility knife sucking, drying, and cutting out sewer soaked carpet from the laundry room. Got to bed at the "new" 3:00am. That was the worst though, it was a basic clog that was fixed by noon on Sunday, too bad that was an hour after I was going to go pheasant hunting. Oh well....

#3 - This picture upload stuff on Blogger, or BloggerBot, or whatever is a pain in the ass!

#4 - When did turn signals become optional in Iowa???? nuff-said.

OK, I feel better, thanks for the eyes and ears..... Hopefully tonight I can get a workout in, that's usually good for stress relief.


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