Thursday, June 29, 2006



That's how I feel about my legs right now. After the 1/2 marathon Monday was pretty painful, Tuesday I was 60% and by Wednesday I did not have any pain just walking around and doing day to day stuff. I felt pretty good about that so tonight I went out for a short run of about 30min. Yikes, legs not feel so good. I'm suprised at this because I rode last night and had no pain, but running is a different story. Looks like I'll be taking it fairly easy up to Cornman. Lots of swimming, spinning on the bike, and short easy runs. No worries, I should be in good shape in another week.

Gotta catch a shower and some Z's, hitting the 5:45 swim tomorrow.

Ed out!

Monday, June 26, 2006


Opinions Needed

As some of you may have noticed a few days ago I posted that Waterloo leisure services was willing to work with me on having an event in the Katoski Greenbelt. My original thought was to have a trail run, but after a comment Mr. Bidwell made on his blog I got to thinking. Maybe I should do something other than a trail run??? Here is where I need reader opinions. What type of event would you like to see and/or would be willing to participate in??

A – A standard trail run of 3-5 miles in length

B – An adventure style trail run with obstacles, checkpoints, ect..

C – A leapfrog partner style duathlon. One member is running while the other bikes, then you leave the bike and switch. Total mileage is 5 to 6 miles.

D – Readers suggestion that I have not mentioned.

Oh yea, date for the event will be the first week in October, and no swimming!

Ed out!

Sunday, June 25, 2006


Sturgis Falls 1/2 Marathon Recap

What a wonderful morning to run a 1/2 Marathon. Temps in the low 60's and cloudy!! I woke up at 5:20 this morning, put on a pot of coffee and made up my normal pre race meal of toast with PB&J and fig newtons. Got dressed and packed my bag for the bike ride in. I was going to get a fairly long ride in before the race until I realized it started at 7:00. So I just rode in via the local bike trails taking it easy and warming up the legs. I was at the race site about 10 minutes before the start, put on my running shoes, slammed some GU, and spoke to a couple of the local racers. At 7:00 the gun went off and I found myself weaving through traffic stuck in the back 3rd of 1,000 runners. Once the 5k and 1/2 marathon runners split I was able to settle in and was running about 7:20 splits at mile 3 and feeling good, whahooo! My splits continued to stay under 7:30 and I was running fairly smooth up to the 1/2 way point. I checked my watch and I was dead on 49:00 min. My best split prior to this was 50:00 min so I was happy and feeling good. Then mile 9 started and my body didn't want to go any more. This really wasn't a huge suprise to me as most my long runs are about 1 hour long and I was at the 1 hour mark. Mile 9 was a 8:00 split as was mile 10. Knowing things were going a little south durning mile 9 I mentally made a couple notes. One was make it to mile 10 and then it's just a 5k. The second was I saw the 12 mile marker, made a note of where it was thinking that's were I would step it up for the finish. Mile 11 went well and 12 was even better knowing where that marker was for the home stretch. I was able to finish strong with a time of 1:38:42 which gave me a mile split of 7:32.

I was happy with the outcome and how I ran. I'm pleased with how I managed the miles when my body was saying "NO!!" I met my goal of 7:30ish splits and beating my PR. I was near my goal even splits (first half / second half) and came up just short of getting some hardware as I finished 5th in my age group (medals for 1-4) and 54th overall. Huge props to CedarRiver Runners Club for having a fantastic race. It was well organized, plenty of food and beverages durning and after the race, and great shirts and socks for the runners. This race if certainly worth doing again!

Now it's time to get ready for the Cornman Tri in two weeks.

Ed out!!

Saturday, June 24, 2006


Good start to the weekend

So far the weekend has been very good to me. Friday night I went for a ride on the Slingshot. Headed east on Shrock, then north on Kimball through Orange. Then back West on Orange road, north on Ansborough, west on Eldora, and Ho-Chi-Min trail back home. The ride was great, no wind and good temps. I pushed it a little bit to see what the legs had, just under 20 miles with and average speed of 23. Pull that off at Cornman and the results should be good.

Today I rode to the shop to put in a few hours. Just rode nice in easy, spinning around 100rpm most of the time. I really like having that feature on my computer. After working at the shop I headed to CF to pick up my race packet for the 1/2 tomorrow. I had to register again as they had some problems with the on line registration, that's a bummer. Major props to the CedarRiver Runners Club for giving out kick ass technical shirts and Fox brand socks for the runners. Technical shirts and/or socks are way better that your standard cotton T-shirt.
Sarah from the Runners Flat was also there pimping their products, it's sooo nice to have a true running store in town. I spoke to her a bit about getting a trail running series going next year and they are all for it and willing to help support it. And speaking of trail running we may just be having a run this fall in the Greenbelt. I have been in contact with some folks with Waterloo leisure services and they said as long as we have race insurance it's a go. Yea!!!! I need to check out the insurance and submit a formal race schedule and we should be in business. Stay tuned for details.

On the ride home I ran into local tri-chicks Melissa and Wendy. They were returning from the Sturgis bike ride. We rode and chatted a bit, Melissa was enjoying here new Trek purchased at Europa Cycle and Ski. I will see Melissa at Cornman in 2 weeks and both of them at Big Creek in August.

Once I returned home I ate some food, took and nap and then trimmed trees and hauled some of the old railroad ties to the city brush dump.

As for tonight I had my normal pre-race meal of pasta and bread sticks and I'm drinking a Power-ade slushie, yummm. At first I was going to take the race tomorrow pretty easy but now I think I'm going to give it the old college try. My legs feel good so I might as well see what they've got. Race report tomorrow.

Ed out!

Thursday, June 22, 2006


I wonder...........

Do the muscles come with the shirt?????

Tuesday, June 20, 2006



Back to a blog entry after taking some time off from the computer. Let's see what's been going on.
After Ponca my legs felt like a million bucks! I have to give credit to Recover-ease for the spunky feeling. If you are not using this product you are missing out. I have never felt this good after a race, not to mention it was my first MTB marathon and I spent over 4 hours in the car after the race. The stuff just works!!!
Father's Day weekend was spent cross training. (read as: Jeff working in the back yard shoveling dirt and removing old rail road tie retaining wall) I also played basketball for a couple hours on Sunday night, good times.

I'm now getting into a pretty regular routine with my workouts which feels really good. Mon,Wed,Fri is running and lifting before work. Tues, Thurs AM is for the bike, and at 9:00 PM I hit the pool. During my first workout my 100 splits were the same time as most my race splits. It's nice to hop back in after a year and damn near be a race speed. Saturday's and Sunday's are for long runs and rides, or a brick workout.

Cornman Tri is just less than 3 weeks away and will be my first Tri of the year. This race always nips me at some point, usually on the run. I feel pretty good about it this year and I have a specific goal I hope to meet.

The weekend following Cornman is my favorite weekend of the year, the Iowa Games double. Tri in the morning and then MTB in the afternoon. Yea, all for $40!!!!! And I see they have a Single Speed class at the MTB, Sweet!!!!!!!

August holds one of my favorite races at the Big Creek Olympic tri ( I love olympic distance) and a new race for me this year the Dog Days Tri in Belmond, IA. They do the swim last at this one so that will be a bit different.

I almost forgot, this Sunday is the Sturgis Falls 1/2 Marathon and 5k. I will be riding the Hudson, Dike, CF loop and then running the 1/2. If anyone wants to join for the ride, run, or both let me know.

That's plenty of rambling for now.
Ed out!

Sunday, June 11, 2006


Ponca Marathon MTB Review

Headed out to Ponca, Nebraska on friday afternoon with Mr. 24 to hit a 4 hour marathon MTB race on Saturday. Rolled in around 4:30 and hooked up with Noonan, set up camp and went for a pre-ride. 103 degress made for a swamp-ass type ride. Trails were really dry and loose in sections. After pre-ride we headed back to camp for clean up and food. Called it a night around 10:00, storm #1 hit at about 1:00am and storm #2 rolled in at 6:00am. We packed up camp and went to the registration around 7:30. Cooked up some eggs and cakes. By 10:00 Jeff, Noonan, and myself started to warm up and pre road a small part of the course. Shortly after 11:00 the race started and the fun began.

I stayed at the back of the back, my goal for the race was survival, have fun, and take it all in. That's what I did and I HAD A BLAST!!! Just riding and smiling the whole time.
The rain made the course great, traction was good and after 2 laps the down hills had the lines broke in and you could rage down them. The course had lots of climbing and it was very difficult with my 33x18 gearing on Solo-One. If I do this course again I would run 32x20, yes there is that much climbing.
After 3 hours and fifty minutes and 6 laps on this roller coaster I called it good and did not go out for lap #7. I felt really good during the event and would do it again....Maybe even for another 2 hours, wink, wink. I had to see if I could do this type of event and I can. I feel really good about what is coming up for future races and I hope to do well at them. This race was a good testing ground and I'm glad I did it. Thanks to Jeff and Shawn for letting me roll with them.

Pre-ride on friday afternoon, grinding up a hill

After the race, a wink, food, and power-aid.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Trail Running and Gravel Grinding

Just returned from a hour and twenty minute gravel grinder. Tonight's route was South and East of Hudson. It was pretty much my last test prior to Ponca this weekend. Everything seems fine and I'm looking forward to the event. Now I just need to clean, lube, and tighten everything up. Last night was a hour trail run in the Greenbelt. Just steady base miles all by myself. Not another soul in sight. Here and some pics of the new bike set up and tonights ride.

Hummm, it's not winter or raining.... Sweet!

Level B never looked this good on Trans Iowa

Heads up! Wide load coming at 'cha

Yes, that is my cell phone

Monday, June 05, 2006


Ponca Prep

Just returned from a hour and a half of night time gravel grinding in prep for the Ponca Marathon Race this weekend. I'm really looking forward to it. It will be my first single track race in over 2 years. I made some adjustments to the bike and wanted to see how it worked. I changed out the grips to my super squishy Serfas and also added bar ends. I really like the bar ends and the Serfas are a big improvement from the stock grips. I'll probably end up with some Ergon's very soon though. I also changed my gear ratio to 33x18 for the hills. I hit the gravel west of Hudson, it has several rollers and a couple long slow climbs. The gear worked great and should be a good choice for the weekend if it stays dry. The rest of the week will be running and spinning to keep the legs fresh prior to the race.

That's all for now, time to shower and sleep.

Ed Out!

Saturday, June 03, 2006


My Waterloo Days 5K Recap

Fantastic morning as I headed out around 7:00 on the Slingshot to the My Waterloo Day's 5K running event. Bike ride in was just short of 10 miles. I could not get comfortable more most of the ride and the legs didn't feel too spunky so I wasn't looking to really fly durning the 5K. As I arrive at the race site I see a familiar face from up north, It was Chad Juel. Chad's website is too the left under "bad monkey". That was pretty sweet that Chad came down to kick some tail on his home turf. We did about a 12-15 min warm up and the legs felt OK at best, Chad's form looked very good. We catch up with my sister at the start line and wish her good luck, this was her first 5k distance race. Chad and I get to the front of the starting line and talk about pace, he was looking for 6:20's and was going for 6:45's so I knew I wouldn't see him very long.

Ready, set, go and we were off. Most of the run is shaded and temps were about 65 degrees, PERFECT!
The start was super fast, people were sprinting of the line. WTF and whatever, go blow up by mile one and I'll pass your sorry ass before I'm even breathing hard. Chad went out with the top five and I just ran my race. Cruising along at mile one my split was 6:27. I was feeling good and starting to settle in. A little roller here, a left or right turn there, and some very nice old houses on this route kept it interesting. Mile two was 6:40, no problem there so I just kept going. Chad came back and ran to the finish with me, my final time was 20:41. Not my fastest on this course but it scored me a 3rd place medal for my age group. Mr. Juel posted a 2nd overall and 1st in our age group. Hummmm, 1st and 3rd......1st and 3rd, there are two other guys I know that ride MTB's that keep getting 1st and 3rd.

All in all a good day and a good race. My sis was 8th in her class out of 15. She was happy, WAY TO GO SIS!!

Ed Out!!

Thursday, June 01, 2006



What does that mean??? Well, for some it was the magic time for tonight MTB time trial in the Greenbelt. Congrats to Mr. 24 Jeff Kerkove as he went sub 14 to set the course record. Also congrats to super speedy new guy Dylan Davis. Dylan also runs for the UNI Panthers, SOMEBODY SIGN THIS GUY UP FOR A DUATHLON!!!

As for me, I had no chance of going sub 14. My goal was to improve on my last time by 1 minute. Job done!!! Two weeks ago my time was 18:01, and tonight I was at 16:05. I'm very happy with that and with how the race went. Now it's time to look forward to the next two weekends.

Saturday I'm running the My Waterloo Days 5k with my sister. The plan is to ride to the event, run, and ride home. Should give me an idea on how the bike to run transition is going. The following Saturday I'm heading to Ponca, NE with JK and maybe Buchanandale, G-Ted, or Deerslayer??? We'll have to see. 4 hour marathon race on the single speed should be a great time. Prior to the race I need to order:
Ergon Grips
Salt tablets.
Also need to go over the bike top to bottom and change the rear gear to an 18 tooth. Jeff says there is a lot of climbing on the course so I don't think my current gearing of 33x15 is a good idea.
That's all for now.

Ed Out

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