Sunday, October 17, 2004


Lance and Ironman??

Ok, I know, I know, Lance is everwhere. He's on TV, he's in the papers, all over the internet, and now in Triathlete Magazine. This month Triathlete Magazine did an article "Can Lance Win Ironman" Not this year, congrats to Normann Stadler and Nina Kraft on their Kona victories.
Back to the article. This was an upclose by one of Lance's old triathlete buddies (Lance started as a tri geek before he was a pro cyclest) Dan Empfield founder of QR. The basics of the article are things most of us that follow cycling know, Lance is a great person, he is hands on, and very passionate about all that he does. On Ironman......... Never, huh???? Come on Lance, never....... Ok, was he really said," To prepare for a good competitive Ironman...never" But, he did say,"when you get to be 50, do you look for a different challenge physically and say, Shit, I never did it. I'd love to do it, I'll give it a shot". Yea..... Let's see, if lance is fifty I'll be in my early 40's. That gives me 16 or 17 years to train and compete in an event with Lance Armstrong.... How cool would that be!!!!

Jeff Kerkove...... Hold your head high man, you had a killer season and only have better things to come.

Later ya'll,
I'll try to post a litter more often, that thing called life get's a little busy sometimes!!!

Eduardo! Baby Maker!!! kick ass dude. my e-murder has
been all balled up (and i've been to busy to get anything done about it) i'm told i have a weekend off to celebrate the demise of daylight savings. yeah for more light in the am. crap, i'll never leave work in the sunlight(or twilight) again. i'll expect a trail
run(no mountain bike) when i get in town. i will be on this site again. see yah. dirtram
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