Thursday, October 28, 2004


Looking Towards the Future

The '04 season is done, and my rest period is over. As I road on the trainer the other night I noticed my mind was wondering what events I would do in the future and a little smile came across my face(I can't wait to tear-it-up next year). So, here are my thought's...........

X-terra Off Road Tri - Damn this looks like fun and Afton Alps is pretty close. This also means I must put gears on the MTB. (frown)

Pigman Sprint - I now know the course and it's a fun early season race.

Compete in two 1/2 IM distance races in one season.... I've got to figure out this long distance stuff.

Adventure Race!!!!!!!! - Oh hell yea....... I know Dirtram is jones'in to do one and I'd bet you wouldn't have to twist Jackal's arm too hard.

The guys weekend - I've wanted to do this for 2 years now, get the guys together at a location where we can camp and train for long hours during a weekend. Any thoughts on location?? Sugar Bottom, Decorah, Volga, heck.... Even GW.

Boy Scout MTB Race - Fun course, I've only ridden half of it but everyone says it's great.

Start up Cedar Valley Multisport - Basically an informational website, have weekly training rides and runs....... Also launch the Cedar Valley Trail Run Series - Like a 4 race series that hits the dirt here in the area. (dirt and grass = happy feet :) Cement = doctor visits!! I know this will take up major time, so we'll see how it goes.

The weekend double - This is probably the one thing I missed the most. 2 events in a day or weekend. LaCrosse Du followed by Decorah MTB. OR Same day Iowa games Tri and MTB race in the afternoon. It's an ass kicking but your always smiling when it's done.

Local 5k's - During the summer there is a 5k almost every weekend within 20miles. These make for great brick training... Ride to the 5k, Run, and ride home.

Volunteer - I volunteered for the first time this year and it was fun, you pick up a lot watching other people.

Try out new races - Maybe I'll break away from the Heart of America Series this year.. They are all good races but there's more out there.

Ironman - 2006 is the goal for Ironman Wisconsin. At $400 I should start saving my pennies now!

Lifetime Triathlon in Minneapolis - Whether I race or watch I want to go, to have pro athletes within a 3 hour drive I have to take advantage of that.

Run a marathon - Probably Des Moines in the fall after Tri season is done. If I'm going to do Iron Man I better be able to run the 26.2

That's all I can think of right now, my "want to's" grow weekly. And I can't forget I'll be a new papa come March. That will slow things down a bit!

I think the "trail run series" could work here. There are more runners in the Cedar Valley than multi sport/bike racers How about George Wyth, Boy Scout Camp, and Hickory Hill as venues.....maybe an epic gravel run out at the New Hartford Hills? Everyone can run, and the sport is inexpensive. I could talk with CRAFT to maybe see about a series sponsor. What ya think?

All this coming from a non-runner
Mr. Rocket - yea I have no doubt a series would be a go.
I was thinking boy scout camp, GW, hartman, 3or4 different locations in the greenbelt, maybe blackhawk park, ulrich, and use Hickory Hills for sure. They have had a 4 mile trail run out there the past 2 years and it's a good course. Dirtram knows what it takes to put on a race, they did one at GW a few years back. Sponsers would rock, but not sure how willing they will be with this being the first year. It will take some $$ up front for advertizing, food, awards, and shwag. I would really like to do it though and build it up from there and use the money to help promote racers/runners in the cedar valley. You know, money for lodging, travel, and entry fees. Are you familiar with what Craft does as a sponser?(money, banners, clothing) Anyone else type in... I think we are brainstorming the future of a Trail Running Series!

Eduardo (all3sports)
Wow! You thought of alot of stuff for a guy riding on his trainer. It's obvious you were not doing intervals, because you could actually think!

There was some talk about putting on a trail run at ullrich at one time. It would be a fun, albeit short, trail run.

Maybe you could put on a 4 week series on the same night each week, at the same place each time. Kind of like Europa's time trial series. Maybe do that at the same time period as the time trials so bike work and running could be done around each other, appealing to tri and du people.'s obvious that I'm not doing intervals, or thinking! Guitar Ted! Mad Fandango!
A trail run series similar to the T.T. series would make more sense.....low cost, no "official" stuff to go through, no overhead, etc. But, I could still round up some sponsors to fork out some shwag to make people want to show up.
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