Sunday, October 10, 2004


Yummmm Yogurt

What a awsome weekend here in the cedar valley!! Yesterday was a bust for training, had to work on the house no big deal, but today I got out for a 40 min trial run. Went to one of my favorite places to run, Greenbelt lake. The lake has about a .8 mile trial around it and it ties right in to the other trails in the Greenbelt system. Totals for the day....7 min warm up, 26min at 70% race pace, and 9min cool down, legs and lungs feel great, and the best part...... Eating for recovery. Today choice, YOGURT!! I love yogurt, especially with blue berries and grapenuts, yummmmm. Well, that's all for now, Good luck to Jeff Kerkove in Moab. Also, does anyone know where I can buy those yellow friendship braclets??

Next post will be a review of "Can Lance with Ironman?" article from Triathlete Magazine.

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