Saturday, November 27, 2004


Ding... Turkey's Done!!

Finally, the bird is dead and I have has my ass kicked by that Trip-ta-couch chemical stuff for the past 3 days. Now I really need to train. Not a much happening around here, that would explain the slow rate of posts, sorry yall. Kerkove is making me think winter is over and not just starting with all this race across Iowa talk. See the info at
It will be a blast and I really hope I have the time to do the race.

I've been looking over some of my race results from last year for motivation, it shouldn't take much, I was very close to top 4 finishes in most the events. Just as Mr. 24 is looking to set up the race across Iowa I have been doing a little research into a spring trail run or two here in the cedar valley. Many people have been working very hard to add trails at Ulrick Park, if you know the updated system is there a 3 to 5 mile loop there now that could be used for a run?
Also looking for what everyone likes to see for swag... Hats, water bottles, socks, race/fuel belts, entry fees to other races, visors. Let me know, I hate the booooring T-shirt and would rather give something out people can use.

Watched ISU loose a heart breaker today, soooooo close, again!

Tomorrow's workout is in the weight room again, nothing too exciting.

C-ya all later.

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