Sunday, November 07, 2004


Global Warming Rocks!!

It is so freaking nice out it is scary. This is November in Iowa right? I remember taking a class at UNI called Capstone, we talked about the deterioration of the ozone and the warming of earth. Well, if it gets you a weekend like this in November, go away ozone, go away!!! So Training, yeah, that's an interesting one. Yes, Carlos, I did get a spin in on the Sligshot Saturday morning. Just did the loop from me casa to Orange, down Ho-Chi-Min road, and back to the homestead. I just got back this morning from 2 miles of running and lifting weights.
The training has been very sporadic lately. I'm kinda in a don't know what to do state until January 1. My training program is a 6 month program for olympic distance, so if I start January 1 I should be peaked and ready to rock for Pigman Sprint in early June. Until then I'm just trying to get a pre-base started. Nothing much else say.... Get out and enjoy the day!!!!!

I will try to keep on contributing to Global Warming. I eat a very high fiber diet, which causes me to produce a high gas content. Just do'n my part

The small asian man living in the dumpster out back behind the shop passing glorious gases. Poooop!
Dude, your pictures don't work. Like myself and Carlos have said before. Use Flickr yo!

Tell'em Carlos sent ya!
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