Tuesday, November 02, 2004


A Great Saying......

One of my co-workers said this today and I almost fell off my chair.

Strip bars are pointless.... It's like feeding a starving man plastic fruit.

Thought this might be of interest.....


First off, Strip bars are not pointless, many a time I've nearly lost an eye.

Second, Jesus, Slade, triathalons? Kudos to you, and more applause for writing about it.

Third, Katie is preggo? Congrats, man, are you the father?

Fourth, because I don't want to take away from the health concious nature of this blog, my fianceƩ just ran in the Chicago marathon, and I'm telling you, if you want to run in one, go to Chicago, maybe the coolest thing I've ever witnessed in my life. Just incredible. I walked away inspired, and have actually begun running. Read my take on it here.Sounds like life is really good for you right now, which is nice to know. My regards to the mommy to be. We should play golf again sometime...or does everything have to be XTREME for you these days?
That comment is very funny, but I don't understand the second part. I think plastic fruit is yummy!!!!
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