Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Innovative Product Ideas

I'm feeling a little creative today. One of the big advantages of being a co-owner of a machine shop is the ability to make just about anything. There are a lot of products out there that could use a major price reduction or some user friendly tweeking. There are also a lot of things that you find yourself saying, "damn, wish someone made something like ......." Here are some of the things I'm working on or thinking of.... Post your thoughts on things you could use or that need inprovement.

#1 - An areo cage set up for 2 bottles, tire levers, C02, Tube, gels, and a special tie system for your running shoes. Why - So you can take your shoes out on the ride and do brick workouts where ever your want. I will be showing this off come spring!

#2 - A solid consumer repair stand for under $75. Not sure if I can get this done but I'm gonna try.

#3 - A better designed tensioner for Single Speed conversions. Don't know what to do here yet?
I do have AL spacer's designed for 7,8,9 speed wheel conversions. The ID is actually milled to match the grooves on the hub (just like a cassette).

#4 - An under the areo bar water bottle cage mount........ Did you stay with me on that one? Not sure how much sense it makes. I may try it anyway.

That's enough from me, what'ch'all think??

ps - anyone that can make baskets out of old bicycle tubes recycled from the dumpster behind the shop best be sending me some ideas.

Dude, let me be first in line if the workstand works out.
I did some research this weekend on the repair stand and I have 3 different ideas. I also came up with an awsome SUV/Van bike rack. (for the inside) I'm super pumped and hope to get a proto-type made soon.
When things are drawn up I'll post the ideas and let everybody give their input.
Thanks for reading!!
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