Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Product Testing, During Training or Racing?

Ok, I know stupid question, you should always test new products during training. I know this, but only through personal experiences. Sometimes even though you know you shouldn't do something you still try it anyway. I'm here today to try and burn this into your heads and make you think twice before trying something for the first time during a race.

Equipment - Never ever ever ever change your position on the bike the day of or day before a race. I have done this, and it was 100% my fault and impatience, and I paid dearly for it. I have never been in soooooo much pain after a race.
The best thing I have ever done was have a professional (Dirtram) look at my bike position a week before an event. We changed some things, I rode that week to get comfortable with the change, and the next weekend I placed 3rd at a Du.
That was the smart way to go about it!!

Water sources - sounds odd but if you run water bottles while training then go to a Camelback system during a race it could throw you off. There are balance issues and weight in odd places you need to get accustomed to. You may have just a couple of seconds to get in a gulp in some single track and you reach for a water bottle that's not there, uh oh, forget there's a straw coming off your shoulder didn't you!

What else - some real bone head things like clipless pedals, (we all have war stories about falling over while standing still, hehe).

Nutrition - Have you noticed that there are several brand of gels, supplements, and recovery drinks.. Not to mention all the fla va flavors. That's cause no one product works for everyone.
Yes, I know you may get a free gel packet or some special pill in your race bag at check in. That doesn't mean you need to use it during the race. Try all the brands you can get your hands on during training and see what works for you. Better a so so training day than $50 shot on a bad race. I tried Cliff Shots for the first time during a race and threw up 25min later. I use GU and GU2O along with Hammer Gel products.

PS.. Never eat dairy queen 1 hour before a 10k..... Right Clay and Juhls!

Final thing to remember. A race should be fun, and races are more fun when you are confidant in your equipment, nutrition, and preparation. Not wondering or worrying about how something will react, feel, or perform.


by all means eat a blizzard before running a 10k. just don't RACE a 10k. if your plan is to run aerobic w/ a
7 min pace, run that speed. DO NOT run into your lactate threshold. that will cause you to fight the
vomit monsters for a couple of miles.
i also highly recommend avoiding frito chili cheese corn
chips for harder efforts too. nothing like burbing up that crap while you're running 15 miles. but maybe that's your thing. you know your bike handling skills are improving when you can project fluids out of your stomach onto the road while you're flying along at 24mph.
bon appotite,
excellent write up! Me I am a big fan of pork rinds and sour cream before a hard effort!
Dude, you changed your picture! Sweet!
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