Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Safety First..... The Day Carlos Saved My Life

I'm not sure who all checks in on my site but chances are you ride, or have ridden, a bicycle. I'm not here to preach but simply tell a story that everyone should hear.
About 4 years ago Carlos da Jackal and I went for a MTB ride after work. I drove to his house (I know, I should have rode) and where gonna head out when he asked where my helmet was. I said, "Ah, forgot it, no big deal." Carlos wasn't having any of that and flipped me an extra lid. We headed off and decided to ride through Adam's Trail, now closed thanks to the tree huggin' 50 something’s that live near there. This trail is not the easiest and has several spots that could send you for a ride over the handlebars.
In true Eduardo form I did just that and landed on my melon. I was out for a few seconds and then figured out what had happened. I wandered out of the trail, with a concussion. Yea, helmet on and I still had a concussion. Without the Jackal insisting I wear a brain bucket I could have been living Christopher Reeves style. NOT COOL.
To this day I remember that crash and always were my helmet.
Thanks Carlos!


I'm there for ya buddy...and remember kids, always wear your brain bucket because you just never know what might happen.
Carlos.....the one, the only.......Brain-Bucket Nazi!

All hail Carlos!
Ah! Adam's Trails! I still carry a dent in my leg from my handlebars whacking me going down the ravine there. Yeah- I said dent! This was before the bridge was there.

Too bad we cant ride that anymore. Sometimes I still get the itch to dive in, ya know?
I remember making you wait at the house for a few minutes to be sure you could drive becuase when you got back to the house I was suprised you had made it back there!!!! Great story and lesson for everyone on two wheels!!!
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