Monday, November 01, 2004


Weekend Rant!!

Ok, here's the deal, I had a shitty weekend so to get some stuff off my chest I'm gonna rant a little bit.

#1 - Manners - Last night we had several little ill-mannered bastard kids come trick-or-treat at our house. Do these kids live in a barn, or possibly a metal culvert on a gravel road somewhere? Over half of them didn't say "Trick-or-Treat" or THANK YOU! I bet I had 5 or 6 ask if they could take more than one. NO, you greedy little sugar freak.... It's 6:30 and this thing goes till 8:00. Next year, Clay's coming down and we will hand you organically friendly health food for all the little Monkeys! That's right, can you say gra-no-la.

#2 - Septic System - Saturday night I took the dog to the basement to the kennel ready to call it a day when, squish, squish...... Yes, my dreams come true, an endless pool in my laundry room. Only is was more like endless poo and not and endless pool. As Rob Lowe said in Tommy Boy, "that's not mud chucko!!) So I spent the next 3 hours with a shop vac, fan, and utility knife sucking, drying, and cutting out sewer soaked carpet from the laundry room. Got to bed at the "new" 3:00am. That was the worst though, it was a basic clog that was fixed by noon on Sunday, too bad that was an hour after I was going to go pheasant hunting. Oh well....

#3 - This picture upload stuff on Blogger, or BloggerBot, or whatever is a pain in the ass!

#4 - When did turn signals become optional in Iowa???? nuff-said.

OK, I feel better, thanks for the eyes and ears..... Hopefully tonight I can get a workout in, that's usually good for stress relief.


(while raising right fist in the air)


I like granola....can I come over.....Buddy?
F'ing right doggie!! Granola for everone.

F'ing right doggie!! Granola for everyone.

#1 kids don't have manners because their parents suck

#2 That sucks - don't eat it

#3 Flickr my brother, flickr

#4 Farmers, women, and anyone over 50 is not required to use them. Besides, what are you complaining about, it's better than the one finger salute.
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