Monday, November 15, 2004


Wow, has it really been almost a Week!!

I can't believe it's been 6 days since my last post. Sorry, ya'll. Good thing is I have lots on my mind.
First off, I could not wait any longer to start training. So this morning at 5:00am I crawled out of bed and went to the fire station to work out. 2 Mile run to warm up and then weight lifting.
I'll out line the training program in more detail on my next post.

Second, FOOD!!!!!!! Ummmm. I'm going to use this blog and let everyone see what I'm throwing at my grill. Why?? So I can better recognize the crap I eat and you guys can give tips both good and bad.
So, Today after my morning workout I ate two Eggo's covered in vanilla yogurt and fresh berries, a big class of milk and a 12oz coffee for the 50min drive to work.
Mid morning I broke down and had a leaded Cherry Pepsi.

For lunch a Turkey Sandwich on 7 grain bread with cheese. Cottage Cheese (the cheese queen would be proud!) and an apple.

For Dinner - ?????

I did some brain storming last night and I've got a better idea on what to make for a repair stand. I've also got a killer set up ready to roll for a SUV/Van transport system. I'll be letting all the boys at Europa and Smiths test out the proto-types.

A Special thanks to everyone that has stopped by to read this blog. It' s pretty cool to receive comments from all over the country. Once I have time I hope to make this more eye catching like Jeff's ( and Carl's ( Stop by their sites for great reading on MTB racing and sniper kitty's.

Hopefully tonight I will post the details of the training plan.
Until then...................A wet dog sweats in a dry fire.

Geeze Eduardo......Thought maybe you fled back to Mexico. Good thing you posted. Keep 'um coming.
It's CUBA man, I'm no BMX'ican.
My green card was under review by the USTA for the use of EPO....... they were going to sent me into exile with Nina Kraft.
Nina Kraft? Would she be the Cheese Queen? Ha ha!
Nina in the house!!! NOT! The Cheese queen is proud of you keep up the cheese and keep up the posts!
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