Thursday, December 02, 2004


Happiest Man in the Cedar Valley

Well, maybe not as happy as the UNI mens basketball team, but damn close. Today I accepted a job offer from a company located in the cedar falls industrial park. A new job is usually not a huge deal to me, however this a big deal. Why??? Not for the money, Not due to the company, but because I can now RIDE MY BIKE TO WORK!!!!! For the last two and a half years I have been driving 45 miles one way to work. I'm not bitching, it was my choice, but man was it getting old. My new hours are killer too, I'll be off by 3:30 most days. Lot's o time to ride come spring!

The other reason for my glee is not the holiday season, but UNI's ass kicking of the monkey ballers from Ames. What was it ISU's point guard said??? Something like, " If we were in the missouri valley we would be in the tournment too" I don't think so Tim, you just got your ass kicked by a team form the MVC!!
I'm sure most people have also seen the replays of coach butterball trying to take on coach Mac.
Yea, that's a good idea, Mac is HUGE!

Anyonne else excited about the trans iowa race??
Cheese Queen, would you run support for me in addition to the Jackal??

Where is your new job at?
Bossard Industrial Products
Congrats on the new job man.
join us!! the commuting bastards of the cold tundra!! say goodbye to daily trainer workouts, say hello to north headwinds!!! congrats on the new jobbie job! if ya need some warm cycling shoes,
give me a hollah. my Lakes are very happy.

Cheers on the new job and bicycle commuter status! Ditto what dirtram said. Did you sell that single speeder? Hope not- it's the best for the winter commute.

Dude! Are you going to do this crazy gravel death ride? You are an animal! (or completely over the moon crazy!)

If you are doing this ride, you'll be in stellar company as the great Mike Curiak will be joining us! He did the Great Divide border to border in, like, 17 days last summer! Plus, he's slogged it out in the tundra of AK, at temps down to -65 below! This guy is a TRUE FREAK! Well, I guess that says a lot for Jeff's idea. That a guy of that caliber would consider even doing this event!

Once again- CONGRATS! I'm sure this'll be a good thing when bambino comes as well- no?
Congrats on the new job!!!
I am always there for ALL the men in my life. Support will be share by myself and the salsa queen to all of our worker bees!!!
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