Monday, December 20, 2004


Is this True???

I was doing reading on training and came across this little idea on recovering in a hurry. I think I'd rather take my time.

If you are pushed to get back to work, or rushing to get home and do the daily chores, then simply cut the suggested cooldown period to 5 or 6 minutes and promote your recovery in the shower. How? Simply perform a series of hot/cold recovery periods while showering post training. This is done by showering under hot water for 2-3 minutes and then under cold water (as cold as it will go) for 30 seconds. This should be repeated three times. This recovery technique will aid in the removal of lactic acid and other fatiguing by-products.

We do it different here in Iowa. It goes like this...

1.) 2-3 minutes in hot shower.

2.) Followed by 4 minutes of rolling around in the snow out in your front yard.

3.) Repeat as needed.
rushing home to do your daily chores? what, is your evil stepmother going to beat you because you didn't do all the dishes before 8 p.m.? that shower guy sounds like his chinstrap is on too tight.
Jeff, your neighbors must love you. "Check it out George. The Solo Freak is rolling around naked in the snow, again."
Hey dirtram, What Jeff does in the snow is called "posting", okay? Some people make snow angels others..........well!
Haben Sie je ein Deutsch hat gemacht Fahrrad befreit?
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