Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Not too much....

going on today. Work's going pretty slow. Tonight I have to swing by Jesup Gym to get the Jackal some legal performance improving substances. I'm only doing this so I can draft him during the trans iowa race. I have sold my single speed wheelset (tears) and will be buying a 9 speed wheelset soon. It would be cool to say I did the race on a single speed but I doubt I would make it. So now I'm only short a rear derailer and a cassette from having a geared mtb.
I will be working at the machine shop tonight so it will be a late workout. Just some easy spinning. I can't push the trainer too much anymore, It screams like a little school girl when I crank it up. Ted shot me killer deal on some rollers but I have to see how things look after x-mas.
I guess nobody wanted to play movie trivia so screw yall. The movie was Old School. It will be a classic some day.

How's about we get a tow rope and I can tow you and your single speed across the state...then again...maybe not.
We could try that during training. NOT!
If either of you need a tow rope just keep in mind I won't drive longer than 20 miles to pick you up!!! Just Kidding!!
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