Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Ummmmm Smooooothie!!

Just got back from the weight room. Not only does that mean I got in a workout today, but I get to suck down a vanilla and strawberry smoothie!! My favorite, if only I could find a way to have smoothies during a half IM. Tonight I was pretty motovated so I had a good workout. I just kept thinking every other athlete I race against this year did the same thing today. So, instead of doing 20 reps, I did 22. It also scares me Carlos da Jackal is lifting under the instruction of Mr. 24. Carl used to play a ton of hockey and has a good frame to start with. Look out if he hits the weights hard, the man will create a monster power base.
Well, I'm excited for the end of the week. Friday marks my last day at Endries and Monday a new start at Bossard. Let's see, I have to be there at 7:00 so that means I'm up at 5:30 to, wait a minute... I only live 12 minutes from work now I can sleep till at least 6:15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The heart of my X-mas season starts Saturday, we are hosting a little family party, should be fun and better than Christmas weekend when we have to go to 5 houses in 3 days. That's no fun.
Well, the smoothie is in my belly. Time to shower and catch some Z's. Tomorrow morning in a 30min spin to aid in blood movement to my currently cooked legs.

Ed out!

park that premade smoothie on ice in a cooler and stash it in the ditch along the run course. does your fridge look like mine? 80% frozen fruit in the freezer and lots of yogurt in the fridge door? speaking of yogurt.
i heard dannon dropped sponsorship of the duathlon series. that means i can buy cheaper yogurt w/o the guilt attached to not supporting a sponsor.
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