Friday, December 10, 2004


What have I done???

Well there I am, # twenty niner on the list of racers for the first ever Trans Iowa Gravel Grinder Race. TIGGER as Carlos calls it, very clever my friend. Am I nervous with less than 5 months to this race and the fact I do not own a geared MTB? I'm gonna go with "yes" I'm also very excited about the challenge. As I strive to reach my goal of Ironman I will need to continue to push my endurance limits and this will be a great way to get in 24 hours + of continuous saddle time. Don't worry, I can peadal 100miles no problemo. Special thanks to the Queens for running support for us during the race. Is there a KFC in Algona???

What's with the weather lately??? I'll be riding to work in January if this keeps up!

A lot has happened since I last posted. Last weekend I shot my first deer. It was a very nice 8 point buck, I'll post pictures when I get them back.
Work has been crazy busy, plus I'm trying to tie up loose ends before I leave. That is something I don't think ever really gets done.
My training has been poo for the most part but I have lost a few pounds, thank god, I was almost up to my Freshman 25 weight. You know, all that quality dorm food and 3 straight days of drinking Bud heavy every week. Thank god those days are over.

I'll leave you with a little movie trivia contest.
What movie is this line from?
"Alright ladies, grab your vegetables. Who's hungry, who's hungry." Clue - "Hungry like the Wolf" is playing in the background.

Hell yeah, there is a KFC in Algona.
Your new nickname is Deer Slayer!
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