Friday, January 21, 2005


Damn the Cold Weather

It's only January and I'm sooooo sick of the snow and cold weather. Now we are in for even more snow in the next 24 hours. I've so got the itch to ride outside but I've got a "feel's like" min of about 30 or 32 degrees. Early next week it may get above 30 so maybe I'll go.
In the meantime a huge thanks to Dirtram for letting borrow a lonely fluid trainer he had sitting around. I felt a little guilty borrowing it until I saw the dirt and cobwebs on it, then I knew it truely was sitting around. Ride those rollers you crazy fool. I promptly rode the trainer for 1:15 min on Wednesday night, so nice to ride a smooth and quite trainer. Caution!!!! DO NOT WATCH AMERICAN IDOL WHILE RIDING A TRAINER. The show is so funny I spent too much time laughing.
Not too much else to talk about, hitting the weight room tonight, I'm thinking about wearing an old high school t-shirt, maxing out on every machine, and trying to see how many shades of red my face will turn!

so sorry for the miss on the swim workout mon. a.m. but i didn't get into town until after dark, much less morning.
noticed the dust bunnies on the elite did ya? i've got the kinetic, and it looked really pathetic keeping the surge protector company in the corner. thanks for giving it a home.
don't forget the primal grunts while benchin' twice your weight.

dirty dirtram
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