Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Double your pleasure, Double your fun!

Snoop Dog said it best, "Pimpin' ain't easy". Well, training to be a competitive triathlete ain't easy either. One of the difficult parts of training is getting all 3 aspects of the sport covered. Some training programs, like the one I'm using, even have a fourth element of weight training. So to maximize time you can often double up your shorter, lower paced workouts. As I type this I'm recovering from my best workout of the season. I rode Rollanda (that's my single speed beeatch) to the weight room and hit the treadmill for 30min to take care of my early week run.
Then I did my weight lifting routine and it went great, the 30min run was the perfect warm up.
Then the ride home, total time door to door 1hour 35 minutes.
Train hard.......Sleep well.
Ed out!

Rollanda? Does the wife know?
She can't miss her. Big, black, and beautiful!
Dude! Where were ya? Not up for the group indoor scene yet? Runor has it that they are rage'n indoors on Sunday at 11:00 at the House of Pain. E-mail me if you want in the "know"
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