Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Feeling fine

Hit the weights again yesterday after work and man do I feel good today. The weight lifting didn't feel all that great last night but I pushed through it and I feel fantastic today. I hope that is a good early training sign. Rumor has it that Carlos is alive and he has been working on my bike. It's ready to rock and roll and I'm pretty excited, even though its got all those gears and stuff hanging off it. THANKS CARLOS! Gears will make Trans-Iowa much easier than the single speed.
The weather in starting to get a little warmer, high of around 28 today. If it can get up to about 35 or 36 with no wind this weekend I'm going to get a ride in. I would like to take the trails and see how long my commute to work would be, the sooner I can start that the better!
That's all for now....
Up with strawberries and whipcream, Down with strawberries on your bum!

The Dirtram stopped in the shop tonight and dropped off a trainer for ya.

How did you know i had s'berries on my bum?
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