Saturday, January 01, 2005


I'm Baaaack!

I'm alive, I'm alive. As a few of you already know last week was a little rough on our family. After all the running around from Christmas I thought we would have a little break but that was not to be. On Monday night Katie was admitted to the hospital with an unbearable pain in her lower back. Turns out she was also having contractions so we were pretty worried. After lots of pain killing drugs and tests it was finally determined on Wednesday afternoon that Katie had a kidney stone. So after sugery that night and lots of rest she is now doing much better. Baby is still cooking in the oven and everything is pretty much back to normal. I was able to get some trans Iowa training in going over 36 hours without sleep. That was wonderful!

So, on the training side of things, Jan 1 starts the serious side of things and swim training starts Monday, yea!!!! I dreaded swiming before I knew what I was doing. Now with help from Dirtram and my cousin my form is better and I really like to swim.

Mr. 24 fueled my desire to have another snow bike single speed yesterday by donating a bike to me for build up. What a guy!!! Of course I have several other things I should be working on but I started into the build anyway. All that is left now is truing the wheels, replacing the freewheel and changing the stem. We have some ice to ride on today but that's more dangerous than it is fun, so I'll wait for the snow to come.
That's all for now, time to watch the Hawks!!

Did you see this! XTERRA is coming to Wisconsin in July, 2005
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