Thursday, January 13, 2005


It's getting colder

I received my Triathlete Mag earlier this week. If you don't subscribe you should, and this month is a good one to start with. Lots of good work outs and race prep tips. They are even starting to touch on Xterra at least once a month, Good for them! Even though I have not done an Xterra race yet, I really want to. I do as much training in the woods as a I can so I enjoy the workouts focused on playing in the dirt. Also lots of new gear and components out there for you guys that have tons of extra cash, you know who you are!!! As for me, I've almost got my free single speed ready to roll, just need a BMX freewheel. Anyone got a junker 17 or 18 tooth collecting dust?
I'm super sore from weight training last night. I bumped it up from 3 sets to 5. OUCH! Good thing I have till Monday to recover. Rest of the week is run, ride and swim. All the activites will have to be indoors, the high temps for the rest of the week are going to be about 0 (yes, that's zero). Rumor has it that Dirtram will be making a visit to the Cedar Valley on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday...... That's fair warning to everyone. He tends to ride in super stealth mode, all black, on a curb jumping seven five-o. Insider information has him on a mission partnered with the sniper kitty.

ED out!

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