Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Lot's o snow

Well, it took until January to some good snow but now it's here. Time to get that single speed snow bike up and rollin'.
Side note - USC is rolling on OU.
Ok, back to bikes.. Hopefully I'll get a chance to work on the snow rig tomorrow afternoon. I'll need to come up with a catchy name for it. I've got a pair of 2.25 tires scoped out too. Fat and low pressure = good traction and lots of hard pushing.

On the training side I have not been able to swim yet cause the pools are at schools and the schools have not been open due to the weather, no big deal, hopefully I can get it in at the end of the week. I've got a little program set up in Excel to track all my progress. Tracking my time and miles is something I've never done in the past. I hope this will help with my overall performance. I'm also recording heart rate and how I feel during and after workouts.
I hope to be able to upload the chart every week on to the site.
Tomorrow is a swim day... Not gonna happen with the weather. My back up is weights but I'm a little sore from Monday, so I think I'll move up a bike work out. Remember kids, If you are following a workout plan you don't have to follow it to the letter, be flexable and adjust it to your schedule and how you feel.

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