Thursday, January 06, 2005


Snow and Work Rant!

Ok, not that much of a rant and it's nothing new but it really gets under my skin. Why is it that people that do not have 4wd and live 20 to 30 miles from work can make it to work on time during a snow storm and people that have 4wd and live 10 minutes from work can't make it to work at all!!!!! If you wanted snow days off you should work for a school system!

Now, as for training I felt like crap yesterday so I took the day off, which is cool cause I have rest days built in the system. Best to use them when you don't feel well instead of pushing yourself and creating an injury that sets you back.

No wonder we have not heard from Dirtram........ He probably got lost on his cross country ski adventure!!

Ed out!

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