Monday, January 24, 2005


Still Crankin'

Just sitting here surfing the net and recovering from an 1-1/2 hour ride on the trainer. Fun, fun!!
Ride was good, trainer is super smooth and I'm lovin' it. (yes that was the catch phrase from the McDonald's comercials, gross) Tomorrow morning is an early run session. The weather was really nice today(read as above freezing) so I may run outside tomorrow. I received my new HRM in the mail on Saturday. As most of you people that read this know I'm a quality, but not fancy, on a budget kind of shopper. Last year I ran a Polar A1. I went with Polar for my first HRM cause it is the standard in HRM's. The A1 was really simple. It has a stop watch and your heart rate. That's it, no 12/24 watch, alarms, or data recording. Going into this year I was looking for a little more. A 12/24 watch, Calorie counter, and some audio/visual feedback was a must. To get the calorie counter from Polar I needed to jump to the A5. Good product but a little spendy at $90 on most internet dealers. I read several reviews and found the Sports Instruments ECG 5 had some really nice reviews. For some some reason you can pick this HRM up for around $50 at several on-line dealers yet the retail is $150. I've used it twice and so far and I'm very impressed. Your heart rate is picked up quickly, large display numbers, easy to use buttons, and the best thing.......In the dark the numbers light up and not the background. They stand out amazingly well. Right now this product gets 2 big thumbs up, I hope I'm saying the same thing mid-summer.
That's all for today..... Has anyone heard from the Jackal??? I fear he has fallen into a deep training trance and lost contact with the outside world. That's cool, I need to draft someone during Trans-Iowa. : - )
Snowblowers good.....Shovels bad!!
Ed out.

I sent my Polar into get fixed....the LCD screen went to shit. After a month wait, I finally got it back. Training with out a HR monitor is like trying to run around the track blind folded.

2 words my friend...X...BOX. Is "X" a word?

Anyway, off to the YMCA to look at hot chicks, I mean lift weights.
hopefully the Jackal isn't still playing that bastard
game halo 2. if he is, there needs to be an intervention.
Slade, 90 min. churning like a monkey in space. you have truly crossed over to the hardcore side. i'll try and catch up to your trainer greatness.
X-Box bad!! Maybe we could all chip in and develop a racing game that could be hooked up to a trainer!
Ed the space monkey......The first cuban in space, I like that!
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