Tuesday, January 11, 2005


What bike makes you do a double take?

Today's blog is meant to be interactive. I've been visiting mtbr.com and checking out some of the bike photos, and it made me wonder what type of bike you are drawn to. Is it the lightest road bike, that crazy dual suspension downhill rig, or that super aero tri bike?
Even though I'm more a triathlete than anything else I am drawn to the simplest bike there is. The 26" rigid steel single speed mtb. Why? It's clean, you only have the things you need, they are easy to build, low maintance and quiet. Why steel, it feels good and it's cheap, I'm not a fan of Al, just a little to rough for me. I also like the smaller diam tubing used with steel.
A matching components bike also looks really nice. When you can get the colors of the components to compliment the frame. If you can get the wheels and tires to do that, it looks sweet. I love colored sidewalls that match that frame color, sweet.
After that, I like the unusual stuff. Just like my Slingshot (www.slingshotbikes.com)
So let's hear it, what do you like in a bike??

glad to hear everything is a-okay w/ the wee one. been out of it for awhile, busy carrying around treadmills and elliptical machines. i'm also trying to get my posterior in gear training wise. the 10 mile commute is all for now. 20 a day ain't bad.
i'm aiming to add a willow green Gunnar single speed
29'er to match my Roadie. steel is good. simple is good. i really like that green color, too.
hey, you still need a trainer? i've got a spare
fluid around. say the word, and it's yours. i'll be in the c.f. neck of the woods sunday, monday and tuesday. (my sister is coming home for a visit) i can drop it off for you.
si yo nara
Holy crap, DIRTRAM!!!!! Dude, so long no talk. I thought you went X country sking and forgot to turn around. How'd you swing 3 days off?? So, yea if I could borrow that fluid that would be fantastic. I still need to hook you up from the sexy lycra and wheels. How about an early am swim at Peet on monday? 5:45 is the time. Give me a ring when you get in. 319-240-5626
Got a love the high end VPP style full suspension bikes, but since I aquired the Surly 1x1, I am now looking at a On-One Inbred SS. Simple. Sleek. Euro. Inbred?
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