Friday, January 21, 2005


Yea I rode tonight.....

a 1/4 of a block. Does that count???? Yes, it's 10:30pm and I just came inside from taking my newly finished single speed out for 1/4 of a block spin. Oh yea, it's snowing too. I just couldn't help myself, I think this is a serious illness I'm developing. I'm going to ride to the fire station in the morning to bang on the treadmill. And I'm excited about it, spookie. I'll post some pics of the rig soon. It's fat, black, slow, and cheap. Maybe I'll name her Sha-na-na, or Yolondia. I know, that was wrong.
I had a really good workout today on the weights. Like I said earlier tomorrow is long, slow, booooring run on the treadmill day.

Riding is riding man! Just keep pushing forward. Trans-Iowa and the other enduro Tri races you have this year will be no easy task. RAGE ON!!!!

was it uphill or down?
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