Wednesday, February 16, 2005


2005 Race Schedule

So far here is what I'm looking at this year. Things could be added by these are pretty much set in stone.

April 23/24 - Trans-Iowa Endurance Race. What a way to spend my birthday!!

June 5 - Pigman Sprint Triathlon

July 10 - Cornman Sprint Triathlon

July 16 - Iowa Games Triathlon - Yea, double weekend!!!!
July 16 - Iowa Games MTB Race

August 21 - Pigman 1/2 Ironman Triathon. 1/2 IM in August heat.... I'm already sweating!

September 18 - Des Moines Marathon. My first marathon run!!

Pretty limited this year but I'm going for quality finishes at each race. (plus i'll have a newborn)
I'll also mix in the 2 Cedar Falls half marathons and a 5k or two. Maybe even catch an extra MTB race here or there. Hummm, I guess if you add that all in it's gonna be a full season.
I can't wait!!!

Don't forget about the 2 mnt bike races at Camp Ingawanis up by Janesville
Your birthday, eh? Perhaps a little "surprise" would be in order? I'll get right on that!
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