Tuesday, February 22, 2005


All stuffed up

Well - It finally hit me, I unwillingly received my winter head cold on Friday afternoon. So, I have done nothing productive in over 3 days and it's driving me nuts! I can hear my bike wimper in the basement, I can feel my muscles asking for a workout, and my feet are asking for some rhythmic pounding. I cannot provide any of these.... I feel so worthless. On the upside I do feel better today and I hope to take an easy spin on the bike this evening. We'll see, I don't want to rush and stress my immune system, but I sooooo want to ride. Until next time.
Up with meds
Down with colds


This is Dirtram
and I am really really good looking!
Hey Dirtram...
You guys carry Pearl Izumi up there in cheese land? I need a pair of Pittards Carbon Glove size L. Got a price? E-mail me at kerkovej@hotmail.com.

I refuse to wear C'Dale or Trek gloves.
never leave the computer unattended when you're at work, because certain people will post stuff like, "i'm really good looking"
yes, i can get those gloves. i'll shoot you the price.
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