Monday, February 07, 2005


Back to Bloggin'

Whassssup ya'll. Back to blogging after a little bit of a break. If I'm not blogging I'm super busy. Been busting my ass on the baby's room. Jr could be here at any time!! This Saturday was super nice and every bone in my body wanted to go ride but I screwed up one of my projects that has to get done so I didn't ride and finished the project instead. Oh well, that stuff happens. I rode for 2 hours last night during the Super Bowl. My legs feel really good this morning so that's a very good sign. I start into phase 2 of training this week. That's good cause phase 1 was getting really booring. I hope to be able to sit on the bike for 6 hours by the end of the month. Trans-Iowa is starting to sneek up and I want to be ready for it. Speaking of Trans-Iowa Jeff and Mark drove the course over the weekend and he has posted some details on his blog site. This will be very helpful as I hope to immitate parts of the course during training. A round of applause for throwing in some single track in the middle of the course, nice job guys!

Not much else going on, we received 2" of snow last night to remind us we still live in Iowa.
It will be awhile before riding outside is fun.
Train Hard.

riding outside is always fun. especially when there is 2" of fresh on the ground. stealth mode! unless of course the rain from the previous day has has turned into a slippery layer of doom under that snow.
(mend well Mr. 24) snow and ice are perfect for gravel grinders. now if they could get some more trees in the fence lines to block some of that wind.
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