Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Best part of wakin' up.......

Nope, it's not folgers in your cup. (Sorry Jeff) It's hitting the weight room for a little running and red faced grunting. Had a good workout this morning. Body has stopped aching from last week. I like the building phase of training because you can quickly see gains. It gets me excited to start racing, that and the weather has been really mild. Spring feels like it's just around the corner but I'm sure we have a good 10-12 weeks of crummy weather left.

Started shopping around for a windproof/rainproof packable shell for Trans-Iowa. The online stores are marking down all the winter gear so it's a good time to shop.

Tomorrow's workout will be a bike/run brick. For you non-trigeeks a brick is doing two disciplines back to back. Bike/run is the most common cause it's pretty shocking for your legs to go from non-impact to impact in about 10 seconds. A good brick every week helps to train your muscles for the switch.

That's all for now. Stop reading this and GET OUT AND RIDE!

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