Monday, February 28, 2005


Busy, Busy, Busy

Wow - where did the time go? Excellent weekend of training. Saturday was good for a nice and toasty warm indoor trainer ride. Yea, I'm a wuss, but it's saddle time. I did the group roller ride from last Thursday and my legs felt awsome afterwards. Total time just over 2 hours. Sunday I ran 3.25 miles at an easy pace and hit the weights. Nothing crazy, just getting back into the groove after last weeks cold and lack of training. Today I squeezed in a 45 minute trainer ride after work and before my fire fighter meeting. Goal was to hit it and get so I rev'd up the cadence and spun like mad. Tomorrow is to the weight room in the AM for more grunting and groaning.
Looks like my race plans may change a little for this season. Dirtram caught wind of my desire to race Xterra is down with Afton or the Midwest Championships. We'll have to see how that pans out.
Tried out the new Cateye HL500 light on Sunday's ride to the gym. Holy shit Batman. Lot's punch in that little guy, I could even see in my neighbors windows with it. Score!
If you live in Hudson, keep you blinds drawn.
Check out for Ted's article that is sure to spark mucho debate.
Ed out!

yeah Slade!
offroad triathlons. the next step is to get you to do an adventure race. the Wild Onion perhaps? 24hrs in chicago running, paddling, and rolling amuck. early sept. keep it in mind. still trying to find a woman to race that one. maybe Ms. Frantastic? Nachts? we'll
more daylight please.
I know I know. I would love to do an adventure race. One new endeavor at a time. If only I had an endless check book!
Hey time flies when you're having fun.

Have you seen the Primal adventure race in Washington on OLN? Pretty sweet.

The HL500 is pretty impressive for it's size.
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