Friday, February 25, 2005


Saturday Ride Plans....

Can't waint till tomorrow.... Ride, ride, ride. Looks like I'll start with an early morning 2 hour warm up on the trainer. Nothing fancy, just get the saddle time in. Followed up by some Greenbelt and Gravel Grindin'. Things should still be froze while I'm out so if I hit some single track I should not damage it. I hope to get in about 3 to 4 hours. I will probably break at sometime for a 20 minute run, most likely in the Greenbelt. Damn, I'm so excited after doing nothing this week due to a head cold. Also did a little searching on Xterra Races in the midwest.
There are 4 races within 350miles. What do you think?? drive 350 miles, pay $60-$75 to race for 2 to 2-1/2 hours, then drive home 350 miles. Plus food, gas, and maybe a hotel. Is it worth it??
Kerkove - you travel great distances to race, how do you evaluate a race and if it's worth traveling to?

you can drive up to the city of bluffs(la crosse) then we drive to milwaukee for the midwest champs, or hastings for the afton race. share hotel, share petrol, eat sandwiches,
yogurt and granola. i'm planning on hitting those two xterras, hopfully rocking the 29'er singlespeed. can i get a witness!!
think on it during your slog fest sat.
All of my races are planned based on entry fee....race size...race distance...time of year in relationship to my important races....what big names are showing....and finally, where Cateye request that I go.
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