Thursday, February 17, 2005


Soggy Bottoms....

No I didn't shart myself, I'm talking about Blackhawk Creek. Has anybody see it? All the snow and rain and then warm temps have caused the damn creek to flood already. That's not cool yo, that's where are my off road trails are. I'm already bumming. I don't have time to drive to Sugar Bottom or Decorah. Hopefully we don't nailed in the spring like we did last year, more rain and all the trails will be toast.
Just wanted to share that, nothing else really going on.

Sorry about the rain. We've been having that here too, but I got a little sunburnt on my ride today. (Sorry had to neiner neiner the couple of benefits of living in GA). Thanks for putting a comment on my blog. I seem to be surrounded, digitally and physically, by Jeffs. It's funny that the blog you commented on was about my Jeff and your comments were about Iowa Jeff (Kerkove). All of the blogs I've been bookmarking have been inspirational. Best of luck on your race schedule and thanks again for commenting, I can't even get my Dad to read it!!!
see, all you have to do is wait a while and all that water turns to ice. wait a little longer and some snow drops down like a bunch of micro albino paratroopers. wahlah. you can ride the trails. isn't iowa great. and that doesn't mean the west coast of wisconsin is any better. 50 degree weather on the weekend. 8 degrees running on monday morning. perfect.
dirty dirtram
Eduardo! Dude should be grindin' the gravel, anywho! You don't need no stinkin' Greenbelt trails! Werd is that the North hills of New Hartford are waitin' ta see ya! Grind em now!

Gotta check out the pimpin' Trans Iowa friendly grips we saw at QBP this weekend! They are on Mr. 24's Blog. Go There! OBEY!
I'm down with the cush on those grips master Ted. Get'em in!!!!
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