Friday, March 11, 2005


Baby is here!!!!!!!!!

Just here to say the baby is here. Ainsley Mae Slade. ( I tried for Lil' Dirtram) Born 3-7-05 at 1:14pm. 8lbs 4oz. 21 inches long. Currently working out a contract with Zoot, Slingshot and Hammer Gel. Hehe.
I'll get some pics uploaded tonight and post them. Sorry for the delay, I will resume regular posting again.

Congrats! Awesome day for you guys! I'm glad everthing is okay. Being a "Dad" will be a life changing deal- in a good way! Can't explain it to the "non-Dads" out there- but I know you know what I mean! Give Mom and daughter a hug for me!
Papa Ed!!
sounds good doesn't it. good vibes to you, Katie, and the Wee One. glad to hear everything went well and everybody's good. the suspense was killing me.
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