Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Calling Dirtram.....

terry fly
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Cray - Does Chad ride the orginal Terry Fly or the new Terry Fly Tri?

Selle San Marco has a saddle that looks like it has a gel filled condom on the nose.

Any other good saddles that don't say "Triathlon Specific" on them.

Even though I have a daughter, my current
saddle is trying to make her an only child.

Ed out!

Papa Slade,
Chadly parks it on the terry fly w/ ti
rails. for some odd reason terry put perforated leather on their tri saddle. swim wet shorts combined w/ small holes in the saddle=soggy crotch. the profile saddle is a bit wide in the nose for my taste. a better alternative(and my saddle) is the aspide tri gel. neoprene/gel cush in the nose but stays out of the way of your legs.
the xterra in milwaukee is $100 until march 31st. afton is $60. those are the two i'm thinking of hitting. let me know what you think.
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