Monday, March 14, 2005


Early morning sweat fest

Well, suprisingly I have been able to stay on an early morning workout schedule. Anisley likes to get up around 5:00ish to chow down, which works out great for me. I do notice it is hard to get a good spin going at 5:00am after only 4-5 hours of sleep. It is good training for the late hours of Trans-Iowa though. Today was some quality interval training. I was going to watch the OLN coverage of Paris-Nice I taped from yesterday but, the VCR didn't like the tape. So, I watched ESPN and now I know all I need to know about the NCAA tournament. I will be able to sweep every office pool and make thousands!!
The training went well, 15min warm up followed by 15 sets of 2 minute intervals with 1 minute rests. I broke the 15 intervals into 3 sets of 5. Set 1 was medium pace (85-90rpm) at a hard gear. Set 2 was slow pace (60-70rpm) at a really hard gear... super slow grind. Set 3 was fast pace (98+rpm) in a gear 2 easier than the medium pace. Then finished with 12 min of recovery.
About 72 minutes in the saddle. Ave heart rate of 133bpm with a peak of 152bpm.

Hope everyone has a good day.

Ed out!

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