Wednesday, March 30, 2005



Man, blogger has been kicking me out of the server for over 24 hours, what a pain!
Anyway, rode my bike to work yesterday, loved every minute of it!!! 8.50 miles on the trails. One of my co-workers asked if I wore my power rangers suit....... Some people just don't get it. That's fine. Rode the greenbelt dirt a little on the way home, it's in dry condition but needs to be packed down, oh and there is now a stream crossing because a bridge is out. After all was said and done 20.52 "free" miles.
Katie had the rear window shatter in the Ploder this afternoon. I have no idea how that happened. I have to take it to the glass shop tomorrow, no riding to work (insert tear).
Going to fit a quick brick workout in tonight and hopefully do some weights in the morning.

Ed out!

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